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Royalty class JumpShip
Production information
Manufacturer ?
Use Combat transport
Tech Base ?
Cost ?
Introduced 2695
Technical specifications
Mass 210,000 tons
Length 600 meters
Sail Diameter 1140 meters
Fuel 500 tons (1/ton)
Burn Rate 39.52 tons/burn-day
Top Thrust 1.0g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 5
LF Battery No
Armament (see article)
Armor 100 tons
DropShip Capacity 4
Crew 32 (+16 pilots)
Grav Decks 1
Escape Pods/Life Boats ?
Heat Sinks 250
Structural Integrity
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Royalty class of JumpShips was a combat transport developed and deployed by the Rim Worlds Republic. It appears to be an armed civilian JumpShip in the sense of a "Jolly Roger" (as opposed to a WarShip), sporting above-average firepower, armor and thrust and organic aerospace fighter support. By the thirty-first century the class appeared to be extinct.

The Royalty, equipped with a K-F Mark VIII-A drive, is said to be based on the venerable Invader class, although it is considerably larger and resembles the Star Lord class far more judging from its design parameters.

A variation of the Star Lord's Sunburst M220L station keeping/thrust drive can be installed on the Royalty as a replacement for the original thrust engine. The thrust rating of the only known Royalty vessel, modified with Sunburst M220L drive, was given as 1.0g; the original configuration was only said to be capable of providing "over 0.8g" thrust, with excessive fuel consumption above 0.4g.


The original Royalty class features twin Barracuda launchers and "several lasers" in the bow, augmented by gun turrets on the sides of the command and engine sections with either a Gauss Rifle, a SRM-6 with Artemis IV and a Large Pulse Laser, or an AC/20, an AC/5, a PPC and four Medium Lasers. Additional weapon and missile defense systems may have existed.

In addition to its four Docking Collars, the Royalty class has "over a dozen" aerospace fighters and small craft. A retrofitted vessel featured 16 Small Craft cubicles with 4 bay doors, which is presumably the original configuration.


All information available about the Royalty class and the single known vessel of this class, the Lorelei's Hope (previously the Amaris Star), was published in BattleTechnology, Issue #20. This magazine and its content was considered canon in its time, but is not among the list of canonical sources anymore. The magazine and the information taken from it must thus be regarded as apocryphal.

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  • The article about this JumpShip class and the Amaris Star/Lorelei's Hope was written by Gerald Hall, registered here on BTW as User:Tekteam26.
  • The ship's stats as described, especially the KF drive core mass in relation to the ship's mass (76.19%), are incompatible with the construction rules: As written, the ship utilizes neither a standard (95%) nor a compact (42.5%) KF drive core but something in between; under current rules, it could be assumed to be a primitive drive core of some sort. The author conceded that he had "fudged" construction rules.
  • All technical information known is third-hand information provided by a technician who was in turn given the information from a crew member of the Lorelei's Hope. Any and all technical information regarding the vessel may thus be inaccurate.
  • While it is described as a JumpShip in its writeup, the ship's classification as a JumpShip instead of a WarShip is arbitrary because of the drive core and thrust engine.