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Game Play Rules Levels published in Tactical Handbook, BattleTech Compendium, Maximum Tech, BattleTech Master Rules, Maximum Tech Revised, BattleTech Master Rules, Revised Edition, New Core Rules .


Published in Maximum Tech.

Game Rules[edit]

Rules Level 1[edit]

Published in BattleTech, Second Edition, and generally dealt with the Technology Level first introduced in the Age of War along with one piece of equipment developed in the Succession Wars era. Rules Level 1 equipment is on the referenced pagepl

The Game play rules published in BattleTech, Second Edition constituted both the Quick Start Rules and the Standard Rules.

Rules Level 2[edit]

Published in BattleTech Compendium: The Rules of Warfare, and dealt with Standard and Advanced Rules. This book included Age of War, Succession Wars era equipment, and Technology introduced in Technical Readout: 2750 and Technical Readout: 3050. Rules Level 2 equipment is on the referenced page. The Game Play and Construction Rules delt with in this book constitute the level of game play that most BattleTech players experienced.

Rules Level 3[edit]

Published in Maximum Tech, and the official MechForce North America Magazines (that FASA exercised some oversight over), as well as the MechForce Worldwide Magazines (that FASA never exercised creative control over). Rules level Three constituted Rules expansions added to increase the realism of the BattleTech Game but were too complex for standard play.