Ryan Steiner

Ryan Steiner
Ryan Steiner
Died24 April 3056[3]
AffiliationHouse Steiner
Title(s)Duke of Porrima[1]
ParentsDonna Steiner (mother)[1]
SpouseMorasha Kelswa
ChildrenRobert Kelswa-Steiner[4]

Ryan Steiner was a House Steiner nobleman, aerospace pilot, and Free Skye separatist.


Early Life[edit]

Ryan Steiner was a second cousin to Archon Melissa Steiner. Known for his ambition and cunning, Steiner would eventually rise to power in the Lyran Commonwealth. He had been an aerospace fighter ace until 3027, when he exchanged his position for one in Steiner politics.[5] Ryan Steiner later married into the Kelswa family of the Tamar Pact in order to gain more power.

Secretly, prior to the Fourth Succession War, he was being mentored in politics by former Archon Alessandro Steiner. Ryan Steiner was also involved in exposing both Frederick Steiner and Aldo Lestrade as traitors to then-Archon Katrina Steiner in 3029. As a result, he had positioned himself to be in the domain of Katrina's favor despite his dubious loyalties.[6]

Free Skye and Rebellion[edit]

Quietly, Steiner began to foment secessionist sentiment in the Isle of Skye, an already troublesome region of the Lyran Commonwealth at the time. He became the leader of the Free Skye movement in 3034, when he was sent to mediate the talks between the separatists and the newly-established Federated Commonwealth government during the Skye Crisis.[7] Steiner also put an end to the violent clashes against Davion troops.


Steiner was implicated, along with Katherine Steiner-Davion, in Melissa Steiner's assassination, and was in turn assassinated under orders from Victor Steiner-Davion in 3056.[8]

Marriage and Family[edit]

Ryan married Morasha Kelswa in 3034, and together they had one son named Robert Kelswa-Steiner.[4]



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