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Ryerson Accord

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The Ryerson Accord, also known as the Ryerson Conventions, was a secret agreement between the Parliament of the newly formed Free Worlds League and the Capellan Hegemony against the Sarna Supremacy.


In 2305, as the Capellan Hegemony and the Sarna Supremacy's ongoing conflicts became what would later be known as the Capellan-Supremacy War, the Capellan Strategios predicted a single large strike against the Supremacy's capital of Sarna would end the war within four weeks. That prediction proved overly optimistic as the costly war dragged on. However, even as they gained the upper hand, the Capellans still sought a quick and easy end to their hated foe and made what would be a fateful choice: Prime Magnate Paula Aris of the Capellan Hegemony courted the aid of the nearby Free Worlds League.

The result was the Ryerson Accord, signed in 2306. The League was to provide military support to the Capellan forces to ensure a rapid defeat of the Sarna Supremacy and minimize the cost of lives to win the war; in exchange, the League's territorial claims would receive Capellan support. Though, by September 2308, the combined Capellan and League forces outnumbered the Sarna defenders and captured no less than seventeen Sarna-held worlds, the provided League troops were little more than newly trained militia. Captain-General Selaj of Regulus frequently acted on his own without consulting the Capellan military, leading an ill-advised and costly campaign to capture Wasat and Berenson.

The Aris government was forced to impose draconian measures to continue to support the war and the hostile populations of the supposedly pacified worlds rose up to target their "liberators", leading the League Parliament to increasingly favor withdrawing from the Accords. The trigger event was the so-called Arboris Decision, the attempted succession of Arboris from the Hegemony in December 2308. The failure of the Capellan fleet commander, Admiral Ishidai, to defeat an unexpected naval force (led by the Independent Republic of Liao's President Emile Falkner Liao) and bring Arboris to heel was all the excuse Parliament needed. The League withdrew its support, making it now untenable for the Capellan Hegemony to continue fighting, spelling the end of the Capellan-Supremacy War.