Ryu (currency)

The Ryu, referred in slang-terms as the Kurita-Bill or K-Bill, is the currency of the Draconis Combine.[1][2]


Each ryu is divided into 100 yen. The Combine government constantly changes the makeup of its currency, as of 3060 the ryu's denominations were 1, 5, 10, and 20 yen coins (copper alloy); 50 yen, 1 ryu, 5 ryu coins (silver alloy); and 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500 ryu notes. 1K and 10K ryu notes from the 3025s to 3060s are no longer in printed but remain legal tender in the Combine. Each prefecture mints its own coins and notes, but aside from minor visual cues reflecting the name of the mint there is little difference between them.[1][2]

Coins display the Kurita dragon on one side with the value embossed over it and the mon (heraldic symbol) of a Combine world on the other. The name of the mint which produced it is embossed on the edge of the coin. The larger the coin's value, the smaller the size; a 20 yen coin for example is half the size of a 1 yen piece. Notes are uniform in design, featuring the insignia of the Draconis Combine on one side and the profile of a Coordinator on the other, their lettering and symbols in black ink with their denomination prominently visible on both sides, ryu larger than 50 feature a silver border and the rarer 1K and 10K notes feature a gold border. The color of the paper used varies depending on the military district of the issuing mint, and each note also carries a watermark in the form of the district's mon - ryu notes from Pesht Military District are dark rouge, the Benjamin Military District's are light orange, the Galedon Military District's are robin's-egg blue and the Dieron Military District's are dove gray.[1][2]

Kurita notes and coins circa 3067[2]
Unit Value Note Color or Coin Metal Obverse Image
10,000 ryu note varies Martin McAllister
1,000 ryu note varies Sanethia Kurita
500 ryu note varies Miyogi Kurita
100 ryu note varies Shiro Kurita
50 ryu note varies Siriwan Kurita
20 ryu note varies Takashi Kurita
10 ryu note varies Taragi Kurita
5 ryu coin silver alloy mon of Luthien
1 ryu coin silver alloy mon of New Samarkand
50 yen coin copper alloy mon of Galedon V
20 yen coin copper alloy mon of Pesht
10 yen coin copper alloy mon of Dieron
5 yen coin copper alloy mon of Benjamin
1 yen coin copper alloy mon of Alshain


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