Insignia of the Ryuken-ni
Formed 3026
Nickname Dutiful Sons
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command Ryuken



In 3026, Takashi Kurita ordered the creation of a BattleMech unit trained in the tactics of the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit. Takashi later ordered that the Ryuken where to be split into several companies and each was to be expanded to regimental size. The Ryuken-ni was the second of these units formed.[1] They acted as Tai-sho Minobu Tetsuhara's personal unit during the Battle of Misery.[2]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

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Ronin War[edit]

As a part of Operation: Guillotine during the Ronin War, the Ryuken-ni were ordered to destroy one of the ronins suspected supply bases. The force landed on Alshain on 20 May 3034, near the Dabbateur Plateau. There, the Ryuken-ni encountered elements of the Fifth Rasalhague Regulars. On May 21st, the Ryuken-ni attacked the lines of the Rasalhague Regulars using their new ComStar-supplied BattleMechs. Over the next few days, the Ryuken used mobile warfare to wear down the forces of the Regulars and finally destroyed the bulk of the Rasalhague Regulars while the rest surrendered on May 24th. The base was captured intact and the Ryuken-ni took only light losses.[3][4]

War of 3039[edit]

The Ryuken-ni started the War of 3039 on Dieron[5] with Tai-sa Ysabeau Johnson as the commanding officer.[6] Michi Noketsuna, Warlord of the Dieron Military District, ordered the Ryuken-ni and Ryuken-san to raid the Terran Corridor worlds of New Earth, Procyon, Caph, and Saffel in an attempt to deter further Lyran and Davion thrusts into the district.[7]

New Earth[edit]

In May, the Ryuken-ni landed on New Earth while the Ryuken-san moved on to the second target world of Procyon.[8] New Earth was lightly garrisoned with a planetary militia and the mercenary security forces of the New Earth Trading Company. The Ryuken-ni defeated the defending forces within days and left with whatever military supplies that the Ryuken-ni support forces could take from the warehouses of NETC.[9] The Ryuken-ni rendezvoused with the Ryuken-san at Procyon and moved on to Caph.[8][5]


The June raid on the third target world of Caph proved devastating to the Ryuken-ni. Intelligence had placed the Third Crucis Lancers on the planet. Unknown to the Draconis Combine, additional forces of the Davion Assault Guards, the Thirty-third Avalon Hussars, three understrength Wolf's Dragoons regiments, and Wolf's Dragoons' Zeta Battalion. The Ryuken attacked the military base outside of the city of Aswan. The 3rd Crucis Lancers were initially overwhelmed until reinforcements from the Assault Guards and Wolf's Dragoons arrived. The Ryuken made a daring strike against the Hussars' base that then allowed the Ryuken to pull off the planet with heavy losses.[6][5]


The fourth target world of Saffel was found to be nearly undefended when the Ryuken arrived. They took command of the world and were ordered to claim it for the Draconis Combine by Warlord Michi Noketsuna.[10] The Ryuken-ni remained there for the rest of the war until they were redeployed to Quentin sometime in 3040.[5]

Clan Invasion[edit]

After the Battle of Luthien, the Ryuken-ni, along with the rest of the Ryuken Brigade, were ordered to the world of Wolcott, which by that point was a Combine-held oasis deep behind enemy lines. There, they engaged in a policy of constant raids which aimed to resupply partisans fighting against the Clan occupiers of conquered worlds and destroy or disrupt the fragile supply networks of Clans Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat.[11]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

During Operation BULLDOG Ryuken-ni participated in liberation of Marshdale alongside the First Fusiliers of Oriente and the Com Guard Ninth Division in 3059. They faced the Alpha Galaxy Command and the Ninth Jaguar Cavaliers. The Smoke Jaguar units were defeated on August 12th.[12] The Ryuken-ni then moved to Wolcott in preparation for attacking Clan targets in the Deep Periphery.[13]

Dominion War[edit]

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Federated Suns Incursion[edit]

Between 3062 and 3066, Ryuken-ni repulsed the Second Robinson Rangers when they attempted to invade Quentin. They deployed on a reprisal mission to Addicks, but suffered heavy damage and returned to Quentin. Theodore Kurita reassigned the unit to work with newly formed formation that he founded. Coordinator has Ryuken-ni rebuild using cadets from Irece Prefecture on Itabaiana.[citation needed]

In 3067, the Unit was rebuilt and reactivated within Lambda Galaxy and assigned to a two-year rotation with the newly created Clan Nova Cat Lambda Galaxy. They were first on Caripare with Lambda, then moved in October to Avon.[citation needed]

In or around 3067, Ryuken-ni was the first DCMS unit to be seen operating the new BLR-K3 BattleMaster variant, with the first 'Mech being awarded to Tai-i Drew Williams in recognition of his service while stationed on the Draconis March front.[14]


Ordered to remain on Caripare to remind the Nova Cats of their duty, the Ryuken-ni was assigned to the Coalition as part of the Combine delegation. They participated in the liberation of Algol. On Hamal, Tai-sa Kitakyusho was accidentally killed in a friendly fire incident with the Com Guard 2nd Army. The Ryuken-ni attacked the friendly unit, inflicting heavy casualties.[15][16] Though they were assigned to Devlin Stone's assault on Hilton Head,[17] they suffered heavy losses from the Word of Blake's orbital bombardment and were transferred to the Coalition's reserve.

The Republic Era[edit]

Having taken losses before making groundfall on Terra and more still in battle at Hilton Head, Ryuken-ni returned to Combine space after the assault on Terra, and those survivors from Ryuken-roku who had been folded into Ryuken-ni left to begin rebuilding their home regiment. Ryuken-ni was ordered to disband, but the battered unit disputed the order to dissolve their command and become casualty replacements for other forces; with Ryuken-ni having support from Ryuken-san and with the DCMS rebuilding and keen to avoid further internal conflict, the order to disband was dropped, and Ryuken-ni began rebuilding. The DCMS placed Ryuken-ni on notice that should another significant crisis occur, Ryuken-ni would be amalgamated into one or more other formations, but with only the ongoing tensions being those related to the Outworlds Alliance and Clan Snow Raven Ryuken-ni threw themselves eagerly back into their training exercises. The threat of disbandment didn't stop Ryuken-ni from lobbying the DCMS for better quality academy graduates as replacements and recruits.[18]

Not all of Ryuken-ni returned to the Combine, however; a small number of MechWarriors chose to defect to the nascent Republic of the Sphere, and a lance of Ryuken-ni pilots went on to serve in one of Commanding-General Belle Lee's projects, become the first Errant Force unit.[19]

Dark Age[edit]

Ryuken-ni took part in the battles against the forces from the Draconis March led on an abortive invasion of the Combine by Duke Corwin Sandoval. In 3141 Ryuken-ni was campaigning on Barlow's Folly when a pair of Narukami Heavy Tanks from the regiment fought a notable rearguard action against the Fourth Federated Suns Lancers. The commander of Tachi Company, Tai-i Garron Toshido, was carrying his battalion commander in his 'Mech after hers had been destroyed and elements of the Fourth were in pursuit. The crews of the two Narukamis were as unwilling to risk injury to their battalion commander as Toshido was, and volunteered to serve as the rearguard; the two tanks destroyed a dozen of the Fourth's hovertanks as well as six BattleMechs before finally being overcome by AFFS battle armor.[20]

During the invasion of the Federated Suns the Ryuken-ni hit New Ivaarsen hard. Using their classic overrun tactics, they sowed terror among the troops opposing them. Though the Ryuken-ni took heavy casualties from the First New Ivaarsen Chasseurs, but the world was won.[21]

It was during this battle that Tai-i Malcolm Meredith of Ryuken-ni achieved a victory of note over an AFFS Atlas III 'Mech whilst piloting a captured BLK-NT-4D Black Knight. Meredith overloaded the heat system of the Atlas III using shots from his plasma rifles, then closed on the shut-down 'Mech — despite the right knee of his own 'Mech being fused — and persuaded the AFFS MechWarrior to surrender by tapping on the cockpit of the Atlas with the barrel of his PPC. Meredith was offered the captured Atlas as a replacement for his own 'Mech but declined the offer, preferring to remain in his Black Knight.[22]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Ryuken-ni
Chu-sa Minobu Tetsuhara 3026[23]
Chu-sa Charles Earnst 3028[24]
Tai-sa Ysabeau Johnson 3039[25][6]
Tai-sa Masayoshi Kitakyusho 30593067[1][26]
Tai-sa Pierrette Van Rumpade 3085[27]
Tai-sa Hugo Vasquez 3145[28]


Highly mobile unit tactics, based on teachings of Wolf's Dragoons. The conventional forces are set in prebattle position for ambushes and rear attacks when the time is right. Combined arms warfare is used with great efficiency.[1]

During the Battle of Misery the soldiers of Ryuken-ni paid very close attention to the terrain, turning it to their advantage whenever possible.[24]

Composition History[edit]


Ryuken-ni (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[29]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Quentin.[29]


Ryuken-ni (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[30]

  • CO: Tai-sa Ysabeau Johnson[30]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Quentin.[30]


Ryuken-ni (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[31]

  • CO: Tai-sa Dechan Fraser


Ryuken-ni (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[1][26]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Tai-sa Masayoshi Kitakyusho
    • XO: Chu-sa Nehru Okochi
  • 2nd Battalion: Lance Cole
  • 3rd Battalion: Harrison Ravell

- The unit uses its 3 companies of OmniMechs with great effect. All other machines are fully upgraded.

Ryuken-ni Aerospace (Expanded Wing/Veteran/Reliable)[1][26]

  • Wing Commander: Sho-sa Kevin Powell

- The attached transport assets are only a temporary assignment.

Ryuken-ni Armor (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1][26]

  • Armor Commander: Tai-sa Malcom Nayoya

Ryuken-ni Infantry (Expanded Regiment/Regular/Reliable[1][26]

  • Troop Commander: Tai-sa Jessica Steinhart

- The command includes, some artillery pieces, 3 companies of battle armor and VTOLs for support missions.


Ryuken-ni (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[32]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Matsuida.[32]


Ryuken-ni (Regular/Questionable)[27]

  • CO: Tai-sa Pierrette Van Rumpade

Ryuken-ni Aerospace (Wing Regular/Questionable)[27]

Ryuken-ni Armor (Green/Reliable)[27]

  • CO: Tai-sa Yui Tsukuda

Ryuken-ni Infantry (Regular/Questionable)[27]

  • CO: Tai-sa Ross Maynard
- Ryuken-ni was based on New Mendham at this point in time and while the unit was operating at between forty-five and sixty-five percent of full strength, it was almost fully upgraded with advanced technology.[27]


Ryuken-ni (Veteran/Fanatical)[28]

  • CO: Tai-sa Hugo Vasquez)

Ryuken-ni Aerospace (Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[28]

Ryuken-ni Armor (Veteran/Reliable)[28]

  • CO: Tai-sa Shoji Aoki

Ryuken-ni Infantry (Regular/Fanatical)[28]

  • CO: Tai-sa Maryelle Nieves


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