Ryuken-san (DCMS) logo.png
Formed 3026
Nickname Strength of the Dragon
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command Ryuken

In 3026 Takashi Kurita ordered the creation of a BattleMech unit trained in the tactics of the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit. He later ordered that the Ryuken were to be split into several companies and each was to expand to regimental size. The Ryuken-san was one of the units formed.



A notoriously tight-lipped unit, the Ryuken-san rarely commented one way or the other about the acceptability of a military mission, nor did they communicate reliably with the upper chain of command (suggested as a result of their experiences on Misery). The unit sought to perform the mission exactly as directed, with no attempts at casual interpretation of the orders nor a supporting deportment that implied a responsibility towards allied units, if not so directed. This attitude was apparently incorporated at the indoctrination phase for newer members, and documented in one well-known incident when the unit failed to report an enemy's apparent lack of expected numbers, resulting in a coordinated retreat by the regiment, and heavy casualties for their fellow Draconian unit.[1]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

War of 3039[edit]

The Ryuken-san started the War of 3039 on Dieron with Tai-sa Noritake Kansa as the commanding officer.[2][3] Michi Noketsuna, Warlord of the Dieron Military District, ordered the Ryuken-san and Ryuken-ni to raid the Terran Corridor worlds of New Earth, Procyon, Caph, and Saffel in an attempt to deter further Lyran and Davion thrusts into the district.[4]


In early May, the Ryuken arrived at the first target world of New Earth where the Ryuken-san moved on to the second target world of Procyon as soon as their jumpships recharged. The Ryuken-san found only militia until the 5th Lyran Regulars landed on May 18th. The Ryuken-san outclassed their opponents and destroyed an entire enemy battalion. The Ryuken-ni rendezvoused with the Ryuken-san at Procyon and the Ryuken-san broke off their attack to move on to Caph.[5][2]


The June raid on the third target world of Caph proved devastating to the Ryuken-san. Intelligence had placed the 3rd Crucis Lancers on the planet. Unknown to the Draconis Combine, additional forces of the the Davion Assault Guards, the 33rd Avalon Hussars, three understrength Wolf's Dragoons regiments, and the Wolf's Dragoon's Zeta Battalion. The Ryuken attacked the military base outside of the city of Aswan. The 3rd Crucis Lancers were initially overwhelmed until reinforcements from the Assault Guards and Wolf's Dragoons arrived. The Ryuken made a daring strike against the Hussar's base that then allowed the Ryuken to pull off the planet with heavy to severe losses.[3][2]


The fourth target world of Saffel was found to be nearly undefended when the Ryuken arrived. They took command of the world and were ordered to claim it for the Draconis Combine by Warlord Michi Noketsuna.[6] The Ryuken-san remained there for the rest of the war until they were redeployed to Niles sometime in 3040.[2]

Ronin Wars[edit]

Clan Invasion[edit]

After the Battle of Luthien, the Ryuken-San, along with the rest of the Ryuken Brigade, were ordered to the world of Wolcott, which by that point was a Combine-held oasis deep behind enemy lines. There, they engaged in a policy of constant raids which aimed to resupply partisans fighting against the Clan occupatons of conquered worlds and destroy or disrupt the fragile supply networks of the Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Nova Cat. [7]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Ryuken-san was initially deployed to protect Pesht during Operation Bulldog.[8] In 3062 elements of Ryuken-san were dispatched by the DCMS High Command to survey a Star League Defense Force chemical and biological weapons facility in the Periphery.[9]

Dominion War[edit]

During this fight Ryuken-san replaced the 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre after the Cadre retreated from Nykvarm. Their actions pinned Clan Ghost Bear forces in place until the conclusion of the war.[8]

Federated Suns Incursion[edit]


Ryuken-san was hit by a Black Dragon Society uprising in 3068. For the next two years they fought against the Society's sympathizers, eventually destroying them completely. Ordered to Proserpina, the Ryuken-san finally arrived there in 3073 after suffering a series of misjumps, JumpShip problems, and damage from possible sabotage. These mishaps cost the Ryuken-san approximately a third of their strength.[10]

Assigned to General Belle Lee's assault on Sydney,[11] the Ryuken-san (like every other unit assigned to the Sydney attack) suffered serious losses at the hands of the 7th Division and 26th Division.[12] By the time they returned to their duty station on Proserpina, they were down to one third of their pre-Jihad strength.[10]

The regiment saw the DCMS High Command's acceptance of their petition to rebuild as a sign that stains on their honor from their Jihad misadventures were forgiven. At the same time, they supported Ryuken-ni in their petition to rebuild, which strained Ryuken-san's relationship with the High Command.[13] They were stationed on Kesai IV in 3145.[14]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3145 Ryuken-san raided Sylvan. They destroyed the planetary militia and some small mercenary commands.[15] Later during the invasion into the Federated Suns Ryuken-san was sent to attack the Point Barrow Academy Training Battalion. Rather than send their entire force, they dispatched a battalion to deal with the cadets. Unfortunately for the Ryuken-san the cadets were ready for them and inflicted three times as many losses on the Combine unit.[16] They were based on Protection in 3145..[17]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Ryuken-san
Chu-sa Jasper Hickam 3026[18]
Tai-sa Noritake Kansa 3039[3]
Tai-sa Alek Gossett 3059 - 3067[1][19]
Tai-sa Leuthar Mulligan 3085[14]
Tai-sa Kuniko Deguchi 3145[17]


The unit displayed a talent for psychological operations, along with precise formations and maneuvers and the minimum radio communications necessary. Even their weapons engagements were noted for the precise and regimented control, especially when combined against enemy 'Mechs.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Ryuken-san (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[20]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Niles. [20]


Ryuken-san (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[21]

  • CO: Tai-sa Sung Kim II [21]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Niles. [21]


Ryuken-san (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[22]

  • CO: Sho-sho Sung Kim II


Ryuken-san (1 Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[1]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Tai-sa Alek Gossett
    • XO: Chu-sa Bunto Ishihara
  • 2nd Battalion: Chu-sa Calvin Frost
  • 3rd Battalion: Chu-sa Hohiro Namioka

- The command is designed for assault missions. The CO can count on 36 OmniMechs and all other machines are fully upgraded with new technology.

Falling Skies (1 Wing/Regular/Questionable)[1]

  • Wing Commander: Chu-sa Heather Coleman

- The unit uses heavy weapons and machines to beat any enemy to pieces.

Ryuken-san Armor (1 Regiment/Reaular/Questionable)[1]

  • Armor Commander: Tai-sa Huang Wu Ti

- 24 light fighting vehicles provide flank cover for the remaining heavy machines and act also as scouts.

Ryuken-san Infantry (1 Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[1]

  • Troop Commander: Tai-sa Aritomo Sagi

- The unit is supported by 3 artillery batteries.


Ryuken-san (Veteran/Questionable)[19]

  • CO: Tai-sa Alek Gossett

Falling Skies (Wing/Regular/Questionable)[19]

  • CO: Chu-sa Heather Coleman

Ryuken-san Armor (Regular/Questionable)[19]

  • CO: Tai-sa Hassid Lavigne

Ryuken-san Infantry (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)[19]

  • CO: Tai-sa Noguru Takashima


Ryuken-san (Veteran/Questionable)[14]

  • CO: Tai-sa Leuthar Mulligan

Falling Skies Aerospace (Wing/Veteran/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Sho-sa Taiki Kato

Ryuken-san Armor (Regular/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Tai-sa Kirabo Wasswa

Ryuken-san Infantry (Veteran/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Tai-sa Bernhard Mooshian


Ryuken-san (Veteran/Reliable)[17]

  • CO: Tai-sa Kuniko Deguchi

Ryuken-san Aerospace (Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[17]

  • CO: Sho-sa Kristen Paul

Ryuken-san Armor (Regular/Reliable)[17]

  • CO: Tai-sa Naomichi Kajahara

Ryuken-san Infantry (Veteran/Reliable)[17]

  • CO: Tai-sa Mohamed Bray


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