Bus S-7A TRO3057r.png
S-7A Class Bus
Production information
Manufacturer Brigadier Corporation

Earthwerks Limited

Sacrado Industries

Shipil Company

Taurus Territorial Industries

Use Cargo/Passenger Shuttle
Type (Shape) Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 3,868,224[1]
Introduced 2602
Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Structural Integrity 4
Length 20 meters
Engine (Type) Burster M-100
Safe Thrust 3
Maximum Thrust 5
Fuel 2 tons
Burn Rate ???
Armament None
Armor 9 tons Standard
Heat Sinks 0
Crew 2
Passengers 10
BV (1.0) 329[2][3]
BV (2.0) ???


While performing much the same duties as the ST-46 Shuttle, the nonaerodynamic shape of the S-7A Bus limits it to orbital work.[4][5]

Found on many Space Stations, JumpShips and WarShips, the bus is designed solely to operate in vacuum which allows it to carry slightly more cargo despite the fact it features a smaller drive system and a smaller fuel tank.[4][5]


Primarily intended for civilian use, the S-7A is totally unarmed. The small amount of armor the craft carries is intended more to offer some protection, whatever minor, against cargo-handling or docking mishaps than overt offensive assault.[4][5]


Comprising three-quarters of the bus's bulk, the S-7A's cargo space is divided between two self-contained bays connected via a single large cargo door. The main bay has a 31 ton cargo capacity with doors leading to the passenger airlock and the smaller secondary hold. This secondary bay features an independent pressurization system which allows it to operate as a cargo airlock for the main bay. In an emergency the cargo module can be detached via explosive bolts, the cargo bay even remains intact and the craft left functional, though the complexity of reattaching the bay afterwards generally dissuades the crew from performing it in all but the most life threatening situations.[4][5]


  • S-7AC Bus 
    Save for slightly improved armor, the Clan variant of the venerable S-7A is effectively identical in crew, cargo and performance.[5] BV (1.0)= 401[6]
  • S7-P "Scarab" Bus 
    Adding to the horrors of the Jihad, at least one pirate band learned from the tactics of the Word of Blake's Q-Ship and has developed a refitted version of the S-7A codenamed the "Scarab" based around them. Externally the "Scarab" appears to be the standard model, attaching to a target vessel under claims of distress, where upon it is revealed that its cargo capacity is reduced in exchange for a platoon of Jump Infantry to quickly board the target and a ten ton Booby Trap to threaten its crew into surrendering. BV (2.0) = 412 [7]



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