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SLOT virus

The SL.10.T.RWR32.000.82v.2 or "SLOT" virus was a technology created by The Society's leader, Etienne as a way to disrupt Clan communications and technology.[1] This virus mostly dealt with HPG and JumpShip devices as a part of its effect and would spread to the Inner Sphere Clans and their Occupation Zones.


The SLOT virus was unleashed in 3073 when Clan Jade Falcon attacked The Society. It would continue to spread to various Clan Occupation Zones and their HPG systems, notably the Wolves, Hell's Horses, and Ghost Bears. The Clan Technician Caste would work on containing the SLOT virus, and create an antivirus to combat the problem.[1] After the Wars of Reaving, the SLOT Virus was contained with some living traces (unintentionally) playing a role in severing communications with their Homeworld counterparts. The last of this virus was contained in Bug-Eye transports, gifted to the rest of the Spheroid Clans who later destroyed the ships after the SLOT virus rendered them inoperable.[2]


As Clan Hell's Horses wrote in their report, the effects of the SLOT virus started as a worm virus that would transfer to different HPGs. Once in, the virus would grow inside of the HPG where it would gather bandwidth and software until the system capacity was read as full. It would cause the HPG failsafe to go offline until the memory cache was cleared.[3] One the virus was active, it would reconfigure the access and network codes of the HPG system. The complications of the SLOT virus could be overcome if the system has been rebooted through a backdoor system, however if it has not been dealt with quick enough, it would repeat the process and create a new code. This would cause the HPG to turn off and go into a standby mode repeatedly.

It would also effect Jumpships that would receive broadcasts from the SLOT virus. Any vessel who had used an HPG with the virus would also find their systems infected as well. The virus would send a secondary code to the vessel in question to identify it. If the SLOT virus code was confirmed positive on the vessel, it would spread and act the same as if it was on an HPG. [4]


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