Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Mammoth


The DCS Sabeeh was a Mammoth-class DropShip in service to the Draconis Combine. In 2853 it was deployed in the Combine's attack of Hesperus II, as part of the nadir jump point blockade fleet.

The Lyran Commonwealth famously reactivated their ancient battlecruiser LCS Invincible to break through the Combine siege. The WarShip jumped to the Hesperus system's nadir jump point on 25 October 2853 with six military DropShips (the LCS Droner, LCS Hayes, LCS Martina, LCS Pitbull, LCS Stalker and LCS Ecol) and smashed through the Combine blockade vessels, reportedly destroying them all except for the Galedon II.[1] As it turned out, however, the Galedon II had actually taken the Sabeeh and one other DropShip with it on its last-minute jump close to Hesperus II, where they would bolster the planetary blockade fleet against the Lyran onslaught on 10 November.[2]


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