Julia Hartford

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Julia Hartford
Character Profile
Affiliation ComStar
Profession ROM operative
Siblings Gregori Hartford

Sister of Gregori Hartford, Julia Hartford was a ROM Operative rumored to be the mysterious Saber who assassinated the Mad Primus Dwight Kurstin to end the ComStar Civil War.[1]


Both Julia and her brother Gregori entered service with the Blessed Order in the late 29th Century. While her brother joined the Communications Branch, ultimately earning a position on the organization's ruling First Circuit, Julia served in the organization's intelligence arm ROM during the reigns of Primus Andrea Marteen and Dwight Kurstin. At the time of the ComStar Civil War Julia Hartford held the rank of Adept. Despite her brother's role in opposing the insane Kurstin which likely made her a high-priority target for Kurstin's purges, while extensive evidence placed Julia Hartford on Terra amazingly none exists of either her arrest or questioning by agents of the Mad Primus.[1]

Following Gregori's rise to the position of Primus, Julia Hartford was transferred to a recently completed hyperpulse generator in the Magistracy of Canopus. Despite repeated rumors she was the mysterious Saber, both Julia and Gregori Hartford refused to ever comment on incident.[1]


Prior to the First Circuit's departure from Terra on 20 April 2901, Gregori Hartford made precautions in case matters threatened to spiral out of control, enlisting the aid of a ROM sleeper agent known only by the code-name of Saber who remained on Terra. When word reached him that Kurstin had launched Operation WINGED CRUSADER, Gregori Hartford felt his hand was forced and provided a coded message to a loyal courier to smuggle back to Terra to trigger Saber.[1][2][3][4]

On January 3 2902 Saber infiltrated the Court of the Star League where Kurstin had transferred his seat of power, overpowering and incapacitating the two security guards stationed in the throne room with silencer-equipped weapon. After disabling the Court's sophisticated security systems, still operational after the Star League's fall, Saber then confronted Dwight Kurstin while he was sitting on massive throne of the First Lord, standing directly in front of the Primus and shooting him in the head with a laser pistol at nearly point-blank range. Escaping without detection, the only tangible clue was a copy of The Word of Blake that Saber had left lying on the marble floor of the throne room, a mute commentary on the end of the ComStar Civil War.[1][2][3][4]

Five years after Saber's assassination of Dwight Kurstin, inconclusive evidence came to light indicating that Julia Hartford may be have been Saber, but it was never substantiated after many of the file relating to Saber were either destroyed or conveniently "misplaced" when the ComStar Order took steps to cover up the ComStar Civil War.[1]

The Blake Documents[edit]

In the alleged documents relating to the Not-Named Clan supposedly uncovered by Chandrasekhar Kurita during the Jihad, the narrative of The Blood indicated that both Julia and Gregori Hartford were the grandchildren of Clan Wolverine members who escaped the Pentagon Worlds. Raised on The Five, Julia Hartford was apparently not the first to benefit from the Great Work but she was the first avatar, a distinction that earned her the title of "the mother" by the many avatars that followed.[5]


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