Sabre Cat

Sabre Cat.jpg
Sabre Cat
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


Operating as the CSJ Sabre Cat in the service of Clan Smoke Jaguar, this vessel was made famous for the orbital bombardment of Edo on Turtle Bay during the first wave of the Clan War in 3050 while attached to Beta Galaxy. The Smoke Jaguar's efforts to pacify the city of Edo after the capture of the planet were continually hampered by Edo's yakuza cells that took every opportunity to harass the Jaguars. Finally Galaxy Commander Cordera Perez ordered all Smoke Jaguar forces to withdraw from the city, which the local resistance mistakenly took as a sign of victory. Perez then ordered Beta Galaxy's warships to fire on Edo from orbit. Although several ships took part in this action,[1][2] it is only the Sabre Cat that is remembered. This action resulted in the removal of all Clan WarShips from further combat bids.[3] The Sabre Cat was misidentified in one report of the Turtle Bay action as a Texas class battleship. [4]

In 3057 the Sabre Cat is recorded as being assigned to the naval complement of the Jaguar's Den, Khan Lincoln Osis' own command Keshik.[5] It is uncertain if this reassignment from Beta Galaxy was in any way a punishment for the actions on Turtle Bay.

Later captured by the Draconis Combine, the Sabre Cat entered service with the Draconis Combine Admiralty shortly before 3067.[6] Its crew was subverted by the Kokuryu-kai and the Sabre Cat was listed as MIA after the Jihad.[7] Before it disappeared, it destroyed two DropShips belonging to the 7th Ghost regiment.[8]



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