Sachiko Ravenwater

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Sachiko Ravenwater
Character Profile
Born 3063[1]
Affiliation Clan Hell's Horses
Profession Loremaster

Sachiko Ravenwater is the Loremaster of Clan Hell's Horses and the last surviving warrior from the sibkos born in the first occupation zone of the Horses.

Character History[edit]

Born on Stanzach but raised in the Clan Homeworlds; when the Hell's Horses returned to carve out their second occupation zone, she showed distinction against Clan Wolf which earned her promotion to an officer.[1]

Sachiko was a part of the Clan Hell's Horses exchange program that was created by Khan Kabrinski which sent a Binary of warriors to travel to the Horses enclave within the Republic of the Sphere and see how they are integrating with the new nation. Her observation took two years and she returned to the occupation zone to report her findings; she then was able to take part and win her Bloodname of Ravenwater and a promotion to Star Colonel.[1]

Sachiko chose to be transferred to the newly created First Horde Cluster which meant that she also accepted the demotion that was required to fill in the open position. Between the success of the Cluster and her fountain of information on both Clan and Inner Sphere way of life, she easily was elected to the position of Loremaster in 3098.[1]


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