Salome Ward

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Salome Ward
Salome Ward
Character Profile
Also known as Salome Ward-Kell
Born 2990
Died 19 June 3055
Affiliation House Ward
Rank Major[1]
Profession MechWarrior
Spouse Morgan Kell
Children Phelan Kell
Caitlin Kell

Salome Ward was the wife of Morgan Kell and the mother of Phelan Kell, and a long-serving member of the Kell Hounds.[2]


Early Life[edit]

The eldest child of a family with nearly two thousand years of military service was born on New Exford. Salome Ward attended the Coventry Military Academy, graduating with high marks in 3012. Following her graduation, she applied for and was granted the position of liaison officer to the new Kell Hounds mercenary unit, and was granted the rank of captain, commanding the First Battalion, First Company ("Relentless Wolves").[2]

The Kell Hounds[edit]

Ward not only served with distinction with the Hounds, she also became involved in a relationship with the unit's commanding officer, Morgan Kell.[2]

In 3013, while in service to the Federated Suns, the Hounds rescued the body of Prince Ian Davion.

Now a major in 3016, Ward lead the Fire Lance of the First Battalion, First Company in the battle of Mallory's World.[1] She witnessed Morgan saving the Hounds by engaging Yorinaga Kurita of the Second Sword of Light in single combat.[citation needed]

After that incident, Morgan reduced the Kell Hounds to a single battalion and went to the St. Marinus House, a monastery for MechWarriors on the planet Zaniah. For the following eleven years, Salome and Daniel Allard helped Patrick Kell keep the unit together. Salome deeply resented Morgan's abandoning the Hounds.

During this time, the Kell Hounds served in the Free Worlds League hunting pirates, and later worked for both the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns once again, participating in Hanse Davion's Operation GALAHAD.

In 3027, they again fought Yorinaga Kurita, this time on Styx during the rescue of Melissa Steiner. It was to be Patrick Kell's final battle, as he sacrificed himself to save the Archon Heir-Designate and his troops.

Morgan Kell emerged from retirement upon receiving word of his brother's death, rebuilding the Hounds back to regimental strength just in time for the Fourth Succession War, again fighting against House Kurita.

She and Morgan eventually renewed their relationship and married. Together they had two children.

Later Career[edit]

During the Clan invasion she received word of the "loss" of her son Phelan to what was later discovered to be Wolf Clan on The Rock in 3049. Alongside Morgan and the Kell Hounds, she fought against the Clans at the Battle of Luthien. She later met her son again on Arc-Royal, this time as Khan Phelan Ward of the Wolf Clan.


On 19 June 3055, Salome was killed in an explosion on Tharkad which also killed Archon Melissa Steiner and seriously injured Morgan Kell, among others. This attack was ordered by Katherine Steiner-Davion and carried out by the assassin known in some circles as the Dancing Joker.

Marriage, Children, Ancestors[edit]

She was married to Morgan Kell, and bore him a son, Phelan Kell, as well as a daughter, Caitlin Kell. She claims descent on both sides to Captain Michael Ward of the Star League Defense Force.[3] One of Michael's sons accompanied Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus, eventually founding the Ward Bloodname. As a result, Salome and her children are distant cousins of the modern day Ward Bloodhouse. This circumstance allowed Phelan to win a Bloodname, and eventually become a Clan Khan.


Salome Ward spent nearly her entire career piloting a Star League-era Wolverine.[1][2]


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