Samir Njari

Samir Njari
Samir Njari
Character Profile
Born 6 December 2717[1]
Died 17 September 2781[1]
Affiliation Rim Worlds Republic
Position Minister of Communications
Children Aofie

Samir Njari was the leader of a propaganda team within the Rim Worlds Republic during the lead-up to the Amaris Civil War, before subsequently becoming Minister of Communications to Stefan Amaris.[2][1]


Samir grew up in one of the more powerful families that inhabited the world of Apollo. He met and befriended Stefan Amaris at the Amaris Palace at the age of four. Later, Samir became an obedient follower of Stefan, who was in turn rewarded for his loyalty.[1]

When Samir was in his teens, he was trained to follow in his father's footsteps by being a part of the Tri-D arm of Njari Communications. When his father died in 2746, he was catapulted into the role of CEO for the entire media empire. Due to his skill with the media and his network to obtain information, Samir gained significant influence which led him to become a part of the governing council of the Krypteia.[1]

While serving as the head of a propaganda team in the 2760s, Njari was responsible for the production of the fake Battle of Götterdämmerung, an entirely fictitious battle supposedly fought on the remote world of Götterdämmerung between twenty assorted regiments from the Rim Worlds Army and a terrorist or seditious BattleMech division of the kind being encountered by the Star League Defense Force throughout the Magistracy of Canopus, Outworlds Alliance, and Taurian Concordat. The intention was to create the illusion that the Rim Worlds Republic was as beset by the events of the Periphery Uprising as the other Periphery realms, but that the Rim Worlds Armed Forces were both loyal to the Star League and capable of handling the situation.[2]

Njari's work was successful at the time; while it may not have stood up to more detailed examination in quieter times, the distraction offered by a war on three fronts simultaneously was enough that the Battle of Götterdämmerung was accepted at face value by First Lord Richard Cameron II. The deception enabled Stefan Amaris to keep the SLDF from focusing on the Rim Worlds Republic or sending troops into the Republic prior to Operation APOTHEOSIS, Amaris' coup that overthrew the government of the Terran Hegemony.[2]

After the coup, Njari became Minister of Communications for Stefan Amaris, with his performance compared to that of Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Germany during World War 2 on Terra.[2]

When Aleksandr Kerensky's forces first landed in Geneva, Samir made attempts to escape the planet as well as to conceal his identity. All of his attempts failed and he was captured in June of 2777 after Geneva was taken by the SLDF. He was held for four years in custody until the Geneva War Trials commenced. At the trial, Samir was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to hang on the 9th of October. Before the date, on the 17th of September, a Krypteia agent was able to smuggle poison into his cell block which he used to commit suicide.[1]


Though Samir never married, he did father five illegitimate children. One of the children being a girl named Aofie whose mother was Aisling Connor, a fashion designer guru. After the Star League Defense Force liberated Terra along with the anti-Amaris sentiment after the war, few of his children accepted their parentage.


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