Production information
Manufacturer Fairchild Dornier
Production Year 2472[1][2]
Model SL-25
Class Medium aerospace fighter
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 2,473,042 C-bills[3]
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Structural Integrity 7
Frame FD 50-12
Power Plant Hermes 250
Armor SearWeave
Fuel 640 - 8 tons
Communications System FD 205
Tracking & Targeting System Scope 115F
Heat Sinks 19 single heat sinks
BV (1.0) 969[3][4]
BV (2.0) 974[5][6]


The first Samurai aerospace fighters were introduced by the Terran Hegemony even before the Exodus, when Terran forces realized the need for a strong, capable ground-attack fighter. Fairchild Dornier managed to design a fighter which would meet these expectations, and so Samurai production began. However, the Amaris Civil War led to the destruction of Samurai factories, stopping the production in 2774.

By the late thirty-first century, the Fairchild Dornier had rebuilt the Samurai's production lines for the Lyran Alliance during the Jihad. This was due to disruptions in production of its mainstay medium fighter, the Lucifer, during that time period.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The SL-25 mounts five medium lasers firing forward to attack ground units and an additional medium laser for attacks while moving away. Additionally, three small lasers allow it to attack fighters of same size or larger, while a single aft-mounted small laser is useful for dogfights with more agile enemies.[5]


Notable Pilots[edit]

Elden Berardinelli – One of the original members of the command lance of Sorenson’s Sabres. Berardinelli’s Samurai was maintained in perfect condition.[13]


  • The Unseen Samurai image first appeared on the AeroTech box (top and bottom). This image never appeared along with game stats, and was only identified as the SL-25 Samurai when Ral Partha released a miniature for it.



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