Sandra Calderon

Sandra Calderon
Character Profile
Affiliation House Calderon
Profession Protector of the Taurian Concordat
Parents Timothy Calderon (father)

Sandra Calderon became Protector of Taurus in 2330 after her father Timothy Calderon's death. She now had six worlds to govern: Megaris, Samantha, Renfield, Cyrton and Ishtar, as well as the homeworld. The population of these worlds grew with infrequent influxes of refugees fleeing the Inner Sphere. Sandra was a worthy successor to her farther and continued the exploration and expansion programs he conceived. During her rule the soon-to-be Concordat left behind the concealing cradle of its birth and grew beyond the Hyades Cluster. The worlds of Pinard, New Vandenberg and Bromhead all yielded vast mineral resources that were used to constructed JumpShip facilities for even more explorations and colonies. Midale, Brockway and Hyalite were also settled under Sandra Calderon through this process.[1]

Inevitably, House Calderon's growing settlements ran into the waves of panic-stricken refugees fleeing the Inner Sphere. The first such confrontation occurred in the spring of 2331 on Deifenbaker. There, Sandra Calderon was able to extend the hand of friendship to the newcomers, once the shock of finding a civilized society at peace in place, and establish peaceful coexistence and the trade of technologies flowed. By the middle of the century the Taurians and their allies numbered well over a billion inhabitants outside of Federated Suns space.[1]


Sandra Calderon's birth and death are not listed, though her son Richard supposedly succeeded her in the year 2335. In The Periphery (sourcebook) however, the paragraphs containing references to Sandra indicate she took over in 2330, but also say "In her first decade of her Protectorship Sandra sponsored the colonization of..." If she did in fact serve as Protector for at least a decade, then the dates of Richard's rule may be incorrect. Also within those paragraphs are dates of "The years 2330 to 2360 were a time of prosperity..." possibly meaning the actual dates of her rule. [see Talk page for further comment from a previous editor]


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