Santana (Individual Leopard-class DropShip)

This article is about the Leopard-class DropShip. For the star system, see Santana.
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard


The DCS Santana was a Leopard-class DropShip in service to the Draconis Combine. In 2853 it was deployed in the Combine's attack of Hesperus II, as part of the planetary blockade fleet.

The Lyran Commonwealth famously reactivated their ancient battlecruiser LCS Invincible to break through the Combine siege. The WarShip jumped to the Hesperus system's nadir jump point on 25 October 2853 and smashed through the Combine blockade vessels, destroying them all except for the Galedon II which jumped to a pre-plotted jump point close to Hesperus II.[1] It brought only two DropShips, the Katana and the Sabeeh.

A second space battle took place in close orbit over Hesperus II on 10 November, with the Lyran relief force assembled around the Invincible running the blockade of the planet proper. Besides the planetary blockade flotilla, the Galedon II and the two DropShips it brought, the Draconis Combine had also moved the zenith jump point blockade flotilla (the corvettes Pacheco, Tamura and Georgia) back to the planet.[2]

The Invincible charged headlong into the blockade and shattered the Draconis Combine fleet, which was forced to withdraw quickly. The fate of the individual Draconis Combine ships at Hesperus II was not mentioned.[2]


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