Santiago Espinosa

Santiago Espinosa
Santiago Espinosa
AffiliationHouse Espinosa
ProfessionDirector of the Aurigan Directorate
SiblingsSerena Espinosa
ChildrenVictoria Espinosa

Santiago Espinosa deposed High Lady Kamea Arano of the Aurigan Coalition and ruled that nation as the Aurigan Directorate.


Santiago Espinosa was chief adviser to his brother-in-law, High Lord Tamati Arano II. The High Lord and his wife Serena, Santiago's sister, died in a JumpShip accident in 3022 at a time when the Coalition was in deadlocked diplomatic talks with the Taurian Concordat over disputed systems on their shared border. Santiago had proposed to his brother that the Founding Council should be dissolved and all power brought under the High Lord in order to reach a solution. He presented this proposal anew to his niece, Tamati's daughter Lady Kamea Arano, but she rejected it out of hand. He responded by launching a bloody coup on the Coalition's capital world of Coromodir VI.[1]

Believing Lady Kamea to have died in the fighting, Lord Santiago declared himself the Director of the Aurigan Directorate. He dissolved the elected portion of the Council[2] and consolidated power by offering bribes, taking hostages, and threats of force.[3]

His Directorate found itself fighting the Arano Restoration in the Restoration War when Lady Kamea revealed that she had not met her death, but escaped and found support from outside the Coalition. He also found allies, securing aid from the Taurian Concordat in the form of heavy and assault BattleMechs. When that support was withdrawn, however, his fortunes changed.[3]

The Arano forces retook Coromodir VI, with Santiago's daughter Victoria dying in battle. Lord Espinosa was convicted of treason and executed.[4]


The Espinosa rule over the Aurigan Coalition was brief, but the damage severe: after the war, the Council would remain dissolved[2], the Aurigan Coalition Military would need to be rebuilt, and many of his followers would refuse to accept the new peace.[5] House Karosas, one of the Founding Houses, was believed to be wiped out.[6]. House Espinosa would also be effectively extinct,[7] with Lady Kamea the likely Espinosa heir.[8]

Groups such as Ibex Rampant and Forever Vigilant remained loyal to the Espinosas even after Lord Espinosa's death.[5]

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Director Santiago Espinosa was a noble within the Aurigan Reach who would go on to create the Aurigan Directorate's after Lady Arano refused his advice.[9]

Apocryphal History[edit]

After High Lord Tamati Arano II died in an accident, Santiago suggested that in order for the Aurigan Coalition to survive, Kamea Arano should take an authoritarian stance for the people of the Reach. When she disagreed with his methods, Satiago took matters into his own hands. He would gather support against people who were opposed to Lady Arano's rule, forming them into the Aurigan Directorate. Saintiago would take the throne of the Coalition, while his niece would form the Arano Restoration. He would also orchestrate the Perdition Massacre by having his daughter Victoria attack the planet as a way to gain an ally against the Restoration. Near the end of the war, evidence would surface of the Directorate's infamous deed being an attempt to frame the Federated Suns in order to gain support from the Taurian Concordat. He would be declared as an enemy of the Taurian state for his crimes. After seeing how foolish his crimes against the Reach were, he would finally surrender to his niece and end up being removed from the throne.[9]


After the defeat of the Directorate, Santiago Espinosa was handed over to the Taurian Concordat to stand trial for ordering the Perdition Massacre.

Behind The Scenes[edit]

Santiago's voice was portrayed by voice actor Tren Sparks.

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