Santin West

Santin West
Santin West
Born3031 [1]
Died14 September 3098 [2]
AffiliationClan Nova Cat

Santin West was Khan of Clan Nova Cat after that Clan's Abjuration from Clan Society.


Santin West obtained the rank of Star Captain in his first Trial of Position, his relatively short stature by Elemental standards proving not to be a handicap against a much taller opponent, setting the trend for his successful Trials for the West Bloodname and rank of Star Colonel. During the Clan Invasion Santin West fought in numerous battles including The Battle of Luthien and Tukayyid, but came to fame amongst his Clan for his combat against what appeared to be a Clan Smoke Jaguar unit which attacked Tarnby where he was stationed. Despite causing losses to the Jaguars, he felt impressed for their bravery and allowed safcon to the survivors. Following them, arrived with a huge force of Nova Cats to Wayside V where he found Jaguar's Tau Galaxy. After engaging them, he was almost killed by Star Colonel Devon Osis, but was saved by Colonel Loren Jaffray, officer of the Northwind Highlanders. In fact, Loren was the same Star Captain Loren than had fight them in Tarnby. His team of Smoke Jaguars really where Highlanders which masqueraded as Jaguars. Santin was in a dilema, but he had had a previous vision, of a Nova Cat fighting a Smoke Jaguar and an unknown cat. When he knew than the Highlander leader, Colonel Andrea Stirling was called the Cat, understood his vision and allowed the Highlanders to live, retreating and leaving them the planet. The Jaguar galaxy destruction gave a great reputation to West.

West was elected Khan after both Nova Cat khans were slain during the Great Refusal, in which the Nova Cats sided with the new Star League and fought against Ice Hellions. An Elemental, Khan West is credited with increasing the use of battle armored infantry within the Nova Cat touman.

In a short visit to Huntress, while directing his Clan's exodus to the Inner Sphere, Santin agreed to gave escort (safcon) to the remnants of Clan Smoke Jaguar to Wayside V to found a new colony.[3] After arriving at Wayside, Santin made a short stop to the planet to wish good luck to two of his warriors that would remain on the planet: Inanna and Trent. Santin then took the opportunity to revisit the site of the destruction of Tau Galaxy before departing.[4]

During Operation SCOUR, West was appointed as the second in command of the Free Worlds League front of the operation, under Alys Rousset-Marik. West also acted as the field commander of Group III on the front, Group III being composed of the Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy, the Com Guard 4th Army and the 20th Marik Militia. When Group II found itself in trouble on Wasat due to the unexpectedly intricate and robust level of defenses present, West led Group III onto Wasat to combine forces with Group II in an assault that turned the tide of the campaign and saw Wasat liberated by early March 3077.[5]

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