Sanyu Kurita

Sanyu Kurita
Character Profile
Born 2377[1]
Died 2459[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Profession Keeper of the Family Honor
Parents Nihongi Kurita (father)
Siblings Robert Kurita
Marika Kurita
Parker Kurita
Saigo Kurita
Lenore Kurita

Sanyu Kurita was the sister of Robert, Marika and Parker Kurita.



Sanyu became third Keeper of the Family Honor following the death of Shiragi Kurita in 2410.[2] Since the Keeper was the owner of the ideals of the pillar of ivory, Sanyu convinced her brother Parker Kurita to grant the position of keeper total control over the ivory trade.[3] She was the energy behind the second and third revision of the dictum honorum.[3] The third revision was made in 2422 after Nihongi Von Rohrs sold Lenore Kurita into slavery. She was working to create a fourth revision in 2426 after Nihongi Von Rohrs exiled her nephew Philip Kurita, but decided not after being threatened with prison and slavery herself.[4]


Sanyu died in 2459.[4]


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