Saracen Mk II

Saracen Mk II HCV
Production information
Manufacturer Scarborough Manufacturers
Production Year 3137[1]
Mission Missile Support
Type Hover
Technical specifications
Mass 35
Armor ProtecTech 19 Heavy Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Omni 175 fusion
Speed 162 km/h
Communications System Scarborough Talky-2
Targeting Tracking System Scarborough Tracky 2
Heat Sinks 10 single
BV (2.0) 837[2][3][4]


The Saracen Mk II HCV is a thirty-second century updated version of Scarborough Ltd.'s old Third Succession War design by the same name. Produced in 3137 alongside the company’s other hovertank designs, the new Mk II version of the tank became highly popular among Draconis Combine's forces, initially with the Ryuken Regiments. The tank — along with its other famous trio of tanks — became a staple unit of many of the DCMS's vehicle formations. The Saracen Mk II would see significant action in the Combine's initial campaign in the heavily contested Draconis Reach region.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Powered by a 175-rated Omni fusion engine, the power plant would allow the Saracen Mk II to go 33 km/h faster than the original design. The tank's armor, though only a ton less than its predecessor's 7 tons of armor, makes up for it with superior protection by using heavy ferro-fibrous instead of standard armor.

The tank's main battery is a single Doombud 7-Tube multi-missile launcher, which is mounted in the turret. While not having a large number of missile launchers, the flexible Doombud's 2 tons of ammunition makes up for it with heavy throwing power in both short and long ranges. Backing up the launcher is a pair of Diverse Optics Extended-Range Medium Lasers, also found in the turret, giving the tank a reliable and prolonged source of firepower to allow it to remain combat-effective should its ammo bins run dry.[6]



  • Alpha Strike Card Info - Stats for Standard model of the Saracen MK II includes: Vehicle listed as Striker, attack power 2/2/0)*, IF0, SRCH, and TUR(2/2/0*, IF0)[10]


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