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Vessel Profile

The Saratoga was a jump-capable vessel of unspecified type, fitted with a Lithium-Fusion Battery and mentioned in the context of "jump-capable WarShips and transports". Context suggests it was a WarShip (rather than a JumpShip); in that case, it was most likely a Carrack-class vessel. In the absence of proof this remains speculation, however.


One of the vessels of the Exodus Fleet, it had spent many years in mothballs in Clan space when it was reactivated by Clan Wolverine on the eve of their attempted secession from the Clans in 2823. After being broken out of mothballs, it was found the Saratoga needed time in a shipyard; its jump drive suffered from "quirks" but they were not much of an issue initially.[1]

One of the ships that escaped the initial battles of the Trial of Annihilation against Clan Wolverine, the Saratoga was assigned to a screening force under the command of saKhan Trish Ebon and the Texas-class battleship SLS Bismark, intended to give forewarning of any Clan forces converging on the main Wolverine fleet of survivors in mid-2824.

The Bismark did detect one such group from the Clan Grand Fleet upon jumping into the Gamma 25098 3W system and attempted to dispatch the Saratoga to warn Khan Franklin Hallis; her lithium-fusion battery would allow the Saratoga to make an immediate jump to the Barbados system, where the Wolverine survivors were resupplying at the time. However, Star Captain Buckler of the Saratoga reported a failure of the drive and that they were unable to jump.[1]

Under orders to leave no ship behind, the task force hastily made repairs, but would only arrive at Barbados long after the battle of Barbados was over and Clan Wolverine had effectively been destroyed.[2]

There is strong evidence (though ultimately no proof) that Trish Ebon's forces became the mysterious Minnesota Tribe afterwards. The specific fate of the Saratoga is unknown.


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