Sarna Mandate

The Sarna Mandate was a Capellan Confederation document used for regulating the behavior of people of that nation.


Developed in 2550 by the Sarna Supremacy as a political justification for the rule of a select few over the majority. It was incorporated into Capellan Confederation. It was many times used for accusation for the removal of an inadequate leader. The Mandate is the framework for the modern Capellan society with its rigid castes. [1]

In general, it describes how the elite (warriors, nobles and scientists) must use every action to secure the survival of the state, regardless of the casualties it takes. The Mandate says simple laborers lack the ability to look beyond their own personal needs, and so the elite must take responsibility. Ever since the Mandate was incorporated into the Confederation, it was used to support nearly every change to the state.

It has so much power over Capellans because it shows what happens when the members of that nation don't align their efforts. The state prospers because the elite (scientists, warriors, and politicians) are capable of looking at larger problems that affect several systems or the nation as a whole; Artisans, laborers, and other citizens who aren't elite cannot affect such problems.[2]


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