Saroyan Special Productions

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Saroyan Special Productions
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Sian
Leadership: CEO
Products: Aerospace fighters


In 3067, the company's CEO was Lord Oleg Rastov.[1] Saroyan was the only company still manufacturing the Transgressor aerospace fighter by this point;[2] what had once been the pinnacle of Capellan AeroSpace technology had been eclipsed in the decades leading up to the Jihad by advanced fighter designs like the Troika or the Defiance OmniFighter.[1]

The emergence of more advanced fighter designs had resulted in a sharp decline in Saroyan's operating profits as orders from the Capellan Admiralty declined; following a cut in Admiralty standing orders of 30% in the mid 3060s the company began investigating the development of alternative designs, possibly in conjunction with the other member states of the Trinity Alliance, although it was reported that Saroyan were making limited headway given how satisfied the Magistracy of Canopus and Taurian Concordat were with the Troika.[1]


Saroyan Special Produtions has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: Since the start of the Jihad, the facility on Sian, suffers a capital and personal losses of 60%, and the operating capacity of the factory is reduced to 76% of their main production volume in 3079.[3] The Saroyan plant is located on the continent of Imarra.[4]

Components produced on Sian[5][6][7]
Component Type
TR-13 Transgressor[1][5][6][4] heavy aerospace fighter
Heavy Strike Fighter[4] Conventional Fighter
Saroyan Jump Bomber[7] Conventional Fighter
Mujika Aerospace Type M Saroyan[7]
Saroyan 13 Transgressor[5][6]
Fusion Engine
Rawlings 200 Saroyan[7]
Rawlings 300 Transgressor[5][6]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Hellespont Aerolite Stealth Saroyan[7]
Saroyan Standard Transgressor[6]
Communications System
Ceres MaserCom 8 w/Guardian ECM Suite Saroyan[7]
Duoteck 95 Transgressor[5][6]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dwyerson Mark XI w/TAG Saroyan[7]
Radcom T11 Transgressor[5][6]
Medium Laser
Kajuka Type 2 "Bright Blossom" Transgressor[5]
Large Laser
Selitex Radionic Transgressor[5]


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