Sasha Wanli

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Sasha Wanli
Character Profile
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Position Maskirovka Intelligence Director
Profession Intelligence Agent

Sasha Wanli was Director of the Capellan Confederation’s Intelligence Service, the Maskirovka, during Chancellor Sun Tzu Liao’s rule following the assassination of his father and previous Intelligence Director, Tsen Shang.[1]


Maskirovka Intelligence Director[edit]

Initially, Sasha Wanli assumed the role of Intelligence Director in the wake of Director Shang’s assassination in 3052. The new Chancellor, Sun Tzu Liao, would keep her in this position over the next three years until her degrading health forced her into retirement. The office was relinquished to Dina Ferrara as Interim Director in 3055, though her tenure would be cut short by her execution that same year for conducting rogue operations.[1][2]

Rather than select yet another new candidate for the directorship, Chancellor Liao elected to call former-Director Wanli out of retirement.[1] She would continue to serve as Director of the Maskirovka during Sun Tzu’s term as First Lord of the Star League and throughout the Xin Sheng period.[3]

Xin Sheng Campaign[edit]

Director Wanli struggled during her second tenure as the Maskirovka’s Director for a combination of reasons. In addition to her troubled health, the requirements of state expanded somewhat suddenly with the Chancellor’s election as First Lord of the Star League. With this office came additional responsibilities, implying increased burdens on all Capellan state functions. Furthermore, cooperation with the other great houses to counter the Clan Invasion brought as much secrecy as it did shared understanding, causing secondary effects that would hinder Direction Wanli’s service to the Chancellor.[4]

While Sasha’s administration of the Maskirovka was not flawed per-say, she would commit an unprecedented number of ‘mistakes’ as Intelligence Director that threatened her survival. Fortunately, she would be spared greater judgment due to her unwavering loyalty and otherwise satisfactory service to the state, though it is also possible that the Chancellor simply could not afford to vacate the Maskirovka’s directorship amid Xin Sheng's infancy.


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