SatNav Receiver


A SatNav Receiver is a form of communication technology that directly traces its roots back to the twentieth century. The satellite-navigation receiver communicates with orbiting satellites to triangulate its exact position on a planet's surface to within 5 meters. The receiver can also be plugged into a personal computer or holomap to provide directions.[1]

The availability of this technology is highly dependent upon a number of factors, chief of which is the existence of a satellite network orbiting the planet. While a common feature of most planets during the Star League, many of these satellites were targeted during the Succession Wars, and not all of them were repaired or rebuilt. On one hand every vehicle on Terra comes equipped with a SatNav receiver, while out in the Periphery such a network is practically unheard-of. Major worlds of the Successor States also boast their own satellite network.[1]



Item: SatNav Receiver[1]
Equipment Rating: C/C/A
Cost: 75
Mass: 500g
Power Use: 1 per hour


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