Satellite Uplink

Satellite Uplink equipment is a form of mobile technology enabling advanced tactical communications to equipped BattleMechs.


Many 'Mechs and vehicles have unique or advanced communications systems, but these normally have little impact on the battlefield. The enhanced Satellite Uplink system carried by such 'Mechs as the Cyclops and Atlas is an exception. This advanced communications system gives the equipped unit an excellent view of the battlefield for all units on its side, but cannot coordinate closely with its fellow units while its monitors are dedicated to satellite comms.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Under Level 3 rules, all units on the same side as the equipped unit gain enhanced initiative, though multiple satellite systems are not cumulative. The equipped unit may not spot for indirect LRM fire or artillery, launch such attacks using another unit as a spotter, or function as part of a C3 network. In addition, all of the equipped unit's attacks and movements are hindered slightly due to the processing and pilot attention given to the system.[1]

The satellite system may be switched on or off during battle. When the system is off, its benefits and drawbacks do not apply.


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