Saturn Harvester

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Saturn Harvester
Production information
Manufacturer Earthwerks-FWL, Incorporated[1][2]
Production Year 2652[3]
Use Large Agricultural Vehicle
Mobile Food Processing Plant
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1][2]
Chassis Type (Size) Tracked (Large)[1][2]
Equipment Rating D/C-E-D[2]
Cost ???
Introduced 2652
Technical specifications
Mass 175 tons[1][2]
Speed 20 km/h[1][2]
Top Speed 30 km/h[1][2]
Power Plant fusion[1][2]
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited[1][2]
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Armament None[1][2]
Heat Sinks None[1][2]
Fitted Equipment Lift Hoist[1][2]
Armor Commercial Armor[1][2]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 4[1][2]
Crew 3 enlisted/non-rated
BV (1.0) None
BV (2.0) ???


The Saturn Harvester is a super-heavy support vehicle originally designed to aid planets with low populations to harvest crops. First designed in 2652 by Earthwerks-FWL Incorp branch, the vehicle went on to serve on various developing worlds. Highly automated to allow for a small crew the vehicle intended away from road networks to move along convoy vehicles cultivating the lands.[1][2]

In later eras, the vehicle remained in the service of planets it help to establish due to its cost-effective automation and capacities.[1][2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The 175 ton Saturn Harvester is equipped with Amphibious Chassis and Controls allowing it handle water hazards as it undertake its tasks. The vehicle is fitted with a front-mounted combine and rear-mounted lift hoist to cultivate the crops and animal herds. Vehicle is equipped with an automated food processing plant, which would convert raw food into ready to eat meals for consumption for the people.[1][2]


  • Standard cargo: 21.5 tons
  • Refrigerated cargo (for 10.4 tons): 12 tons w/ 1 door (rear)[1][2]

Related Vehicles[edit]


As of this writing, there are no published record sheets for either tractor/trailer or mentioned competitor's version of the Saturn Harvester.[1][2]

Also, the equipment which is used to process crops and animal into food is not listed in the stats of the vehicle. As of this writing, there are no rules existing for them.[1][2]


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