Production information
Manufacturer Clan Smoke Jaguar Unknown facility[1]
Tech Base Clan
Introduced 3060
Technical specifications
Mass 4 tons
Chassis Unspecified
Armor Unspecified
Engine Unspecified
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Speed 119 km/h
Jump Jets None

BV (1.0) 98[1]
BV (2.0) 133[2]


The Satyr ProtoMech was designed to serve as a deep raider and reconnaissance unit. To this end, it was equipped with fairly high speed and electronic detection gear. Offering only slightly more protection than a Harpy or Siren, the Satyr's best defense is to remain hidden from enemy units.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Satyr's single ER Small Laser allows it to inflict moderate damage on any enemy unit that gets too close, while freeing it from logistical bases. It also carries a Light Active Probe in its torso, allowing it to more easily find hidden units. The 45-rated fusion engine helps propel the Satyr to a cruising speed of 76 km/h.[1]


  • Satyr
    First introduced during the 3060s, this variant drops the original weaponry for an increase in mobility with the addition of Jump Jets and increased armor. Leftover weight allowed the Satyr 2 to mount a single Micro Pulse Laser in its torso. BV (1.0) = 76 [3], BV (2.0) = 125[4]
  • Satyr
    Created around the same time as the Satyr 2, the Satyr 3 retains the original's armor protection while adding jump jets for increased mobility. The Satyr 3 is given a single Streak SRM 2 launcher mounted in its torso with one ton of reloads. BV (2.0) = 160[5]
  • Satyr
    Developed during the Jihad, this design improves upon the intended spotter role with the addition of a Clan Light TAG. It is only armed with a torso mounted AP Gauss Rifle with ton of ammunition and boasts only a slight increase in armor protection compared to the original. BV (2.0) = 109[6]
  • Satyr-XP 
    Produced by Irece Delta Refit Center, and developed by Clan Nova Cat to support battle armor formations, the Satyr-XP has a lower maximum speed (97 km/h) and adds a 180 meter jump capability. To make room for the jump jets, the weapons were replaced by a single SRM-2 with ten reloads. The armor protection remains the same, but the different manufacturer resulted in a very different look from the original Satyr. BV (2.0) = 114[7]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Satyr-XP variant is subject of the following Design Quirk:[7]



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