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Sawako Maki

Sawako Maki
AffiliationDraconis Combine[1]
RankTai-i [1]

Sawako Maki was a Tai-i in the Second An Ting Legion.[1]


Two weeks after the Battle of Tukayyid the Second An Ting Legion and the Forty-second Dieron Regulars, containing then-Chu-i Sawako Maki's brother, fought a brutal campaign against the invading Third Jaguar Cavaliers. While the Jaguars were eventually forced to retreat offworld, the Regulars, and Maki's brother, ceased to exist. Promoted to company command in the aftermath of the battle and rotated to Leiston to rebuild, Maki began to harbor fears that a renewed Clan offensive would swallow everything in its path.[1][2]


Sawako Maki piloted a Rifleman and was known as a sniper.[1]


"Something changed in the Tai-i after Tanh Linh. She's tentative in the cockpit, squirrelly even. If I didn't know better…I'd say she was scared."[1]


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