Scarborough Licensing PLC

Scarborough Licensing PLC
Scarborough Licensing PLC

Scarborough Licensing PLC
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Scarborough
Primary Products Licensing

Scarborough Licensing PLC is a licensing company in the Free Worlds League.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

League Stock Market Symbol: ScarLic[1]

Home Office: Whitby (Scarborough) (circa 3067)[1]

President/CEO: Victor Black (circa 3067)[1]


Scarborough Licensing PLC is all that remains of Scarborough Manufacturing, the shattered factory of the once-powerful company little more than an almost empty shell. For a fee Scarborough Licensing provides mail-forwarding and business registration services for companies that wish to use Scarborough as their legal base of operations, whether allowing the light industries that make use of the remaining workshops within the factory shell to display the Scarborough logo on their products or giving foreign companies the legal pretense that they are a "Free Worlds League company" and thus not subject to the heavy import taxes normally imposed on international companies such as Kallon Industries.[1]

The most notable example of this dubious practice is the Draconis Combine-based Scarborough Manufacturers who claim their legal headquarters is within the League despite the fact its main factory complex is on Al Na'ir, a bit of legal trickey that allows the Combine-based corporation to maximise its profits in its biggest external market for the Saladin, Saracen and Scimitar without having to physically relocate. A number of League companies such as Irian Technologies have pushed for tighter regulation of "shell shops" like Scarborough, while the Exeter Corporation - whose Pegasus Scout Hovertank directly competes against Scarborough's hovertanks - has proposed an outright ban. [1]


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