Scavenger (Individual Volga-class WarShip)

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Vessel Profile

In 3061, the Volga-class transport CSR Scavenger was a WarShip in service with the Clan Snow Raven touman.


The Scavenger was one of five WarShips that made up the Snow Raven Fleet Command Star at this point in time.[1] The Scavenger continued to serve in the Fleet Command Star until at least 3067, operating alongside the Nightlord-class battleship CSR Snow Raven, the Potemkin-class cruiser CSR Wild Swan and the Aegis-class heavy cruisers CSR Blue Quest and CSR Lord Death.[2]

Having survived the maelstrom in the Clan Homeworlds referred to as the Wars of Reaving as well as the Jihad, the Scavenger was still in service with the Snow Ravens in 3079 as a part of the Eden Rose Naval Transport Star, serving alongside the surviving Snow Raven Potemkins: the CSR Bonaventure, CSR Eden Rose, CSR Epimetheus, CSR Treachery and CSR Wild Swan. In common with the other WarShips of the Eden Rose Naval Transport Star the Scavenger had been stationed above a world in the Outworlds Alliance since 3073 and hadn't moved since, leading to speculation that the Scavenger and the other ships were somehow serving as industrial sites of some kind.[3]

The Dark Age[edit]

In or around 3090, the Raven Alliance found its need for a dedicated transport fleet of WarShips lessening, and Diamond Shark Khan Nagasawa saw an opportunity for a beneficial trade. In 3091 he proposed to Clan Snow Raven that four Diamond Shark WarShips be exchanged for four Snow Raven WarShips. This proved a contentious proposal for the warriors of the Snow Raven touman, but ultimately the trade was agreed. The Diamond Sharks transferred four WarShips to the Snow Ravens—the Nightlord-class battleship Terror of the Deep, the Essex-class destroyers Tracy and Architeuthis and the Fredasa-class transport Swift Strike—and in exchange received three Potemkin-class cruisers (the Epimetheus, Treachery, and Wild Swan) and the Scavenger.[3][4][5]

The Diamond Sharks evidently renamed the four ships, although it is unclear exactly what the four ships were renamed to. Three Volgas were active amongst the various Khanates of Clan Sea Fox in the Dark Age with names previously unseen in canon, suggesting that the Scavenger corresponds to one of these three ships, but this has yet to be confirmed. The three newly-detailed Volgas are the Megalodon, home to Gamma Aimag of the Fox Khanate, the Maelstorm, home to Gamma Aimag of the ilKhanate and the Liberator, home to the Delta Aimag of the Tiburon Khanate.[6] It is unclear how the Sea Foxes came to possess three Volga-class transports, as the only Volga positively identified as still being active in the Inner Sphere after the Jihad and the Wars of Reaving was the Scavenger.


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