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Scheuerheck nearby systems
Scheuerheck nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -147.886 : -328.614[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Planetary History[edit]

Reunification War[edit]

Settled at some point before the formation of the Capellan Confederation, Scheuerheck joined the Free Worlds League at some point prior to the mid twenty-sixth century. When Kossandra Centrella began her campaign to recruit or subvert the allegiance of periphery worlds and disaffected to her own Magistracy Free State and later the Magistracy of Canopus, Scheuerheck was one of the worlds she targeted. At some point in the 2550s, Scheuerheck and the neighboring worlds of Payvand and Ruschegg took the Magestrix up on her offer and left the Free Worlds League to join her realm.[3]

The Captain-General at the time, Albert Marik, was too preoccupied by the Third Andurien War and the formation of the Star League to direct any particular attention to three border worlds of relatively little note, and free will was a large part of the culture of the Free Worlds League. Scheuerheck would remain a part of the Magistracy until 2578, when the Reunification War came to the Canopian worlds. The commander of the Star League Defense Force task force assigned to conquer the Magistracy was Captain-General Marion Marik; the opening year of the war saw the SLDF capture several worlds within the Magistracy, but ambushes, deceptions and raids by the Magistracy Armed Forces slowed the SLDF campaign and saw the plan for the military campaign change. Marik decided to create a buffer zone between the Magistracy and those worlds acting as staging areas and supply depots for the task force, and selected Scheuerheck as one of the worlds to be a part of that buffer zone.[3]

While the greater part of the task force was VII Corps from the SLDF, the Free Worlds League had contributed a number of units as an auxiliary force. Those FWLM units saw the recapture of Scheuerheck as an opportunity to recapture lost territory; as a result, when the SLDF Fifty-sixth Brigade arrived on Scheuerheck between July and December 2578, it was supported not just by the 401st Independent Regiment but also by the Second and Third Orloff Grenadiers, the Third Regulan Hussars and the First Defenders of Andurien, more than enough to overwhelm the local garrison.[55]

In addition to the ground forces assigned to capture Scheuerheck, the Captain-General had her flagship, the FWLS Albert Marik orbiting above Scheuerheck, and it was to this ship that she had the leaders of Scheuerheck, Payvand and Ruschegg bought. Each expected a summary execution; instead, Marik entertained them cordially, and offered each world a place back in the Free Worlds League. Marik made it clear that she expected First Lord Ian Cameron to grant the Free Worlds League control of the worlds after the Reunification War whatever happened, but emphasized that if the three leaders chose, they could rejoin the Free Worlds League voluntarily and remain in power. Refusing wouldn't result in punishment or execution for any of them - but it would force her to replace them with military governors. Acting out of self-interest, all three leaders endorsed petitions asking for their worlds to be reincorporated back into the Free Worlds League, petitions that Cameron approved in 2579.[3]

The easy capture and reintegration of Scheuerheck along with the other border worlds was used extensively by Marik's allies in the Free Worlds League Parliament to make headway against those who had lobbied against joining the Star League.[3]

Military Deployment[edit]


Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (34 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Meadowvale 14.5 Eleusis 22.9 Skvorec 23.3 Vakarel 24.2
Bogrib 24.4 Saonara 27.8 Ruschegg 28.4 Watermael 30.4
Cap Rouge 32.0 Manaus 33.0 Wisconsin 33.6 Ayn Tarma 35.7
Umka 37.5 Obrenovac 40.2 Gouderak 40.5 Mangor 42.4
Yanchep 43.8 Cole Harbour 45.1 Granera 49.7 Bethonolog 49.7
Marathon 49.9 Rohinjan 50.0 Siendou 50.1 Mauripur 50.6
Banfora 54.1 Payvand 55.7 Kanata 55.7 Piriapolis 57.4
Guangzho 57.6 Kearny 57.9 Gallis 57.9 Al Jubaylah 59.0
Aspropirgos 59.4 Restitution 59.4 Butzfleth 60.3 Ingonish 61.7


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