School Rag

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The school rag was an unofficial variation on uniforms worn by officers in the SLDF and LCAF who wished to represent the academy from which they graduated.

In the SLDF[edit]

The school rag was worn by some SLDF officers in place of the world sash, running the sash from right shoulder to left hip.[1]

In the LCAF[edit]

The LCAF's senior officer field uniform has long included a sash around the waist, which originally matched the green-gray armored jacket. Around the twenty-eighth century, officers began to dye the sash in colors representing their alma mater. In 3025, the rag was a widespread but still officially unauthorized addition to the LCAF's uniform.[2] The rag was officially embraced by the LCAF's successor militaries, the AFFC[3] and LAAF[4], making it an optional part of the uniform for graduates of Lyran academies. In the LAAF, special awards or military orders were often worn pinned to the rag, rather than the uniform jacket.[5]

Known school rag colors[edit]

Academy Color(s)
Alarion Naval Academy Black
Melissa Steiner Martial Academy of Bolan White
War College of Buena Green and blue checked
Coventry Military Academy Brown
The Nagelring Blue
Royal New Capetown Military Academy Gold with tassled fringe
Pandora College of Military Sciences Red
Sanglamore Dark Green
War College of Tamar Black
Flight Academy of Thorin Gray with red



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