Schrack (Individual Essex-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


An Essex-class destroyer that served in the Star League Defense Force during the Star League era,[1] the future FWLS Schrack[2] was abandoned or scuttled during or after the Amaris Civil War. Subsequently located by ComStar, she was left where she had been found due to the amount of work that required to return it to active service.[2] The Free Worlds League became aware of the location of the Schrack thanks to information provided by the Word of Blake, who had relocated to the League after the schism within ComStar and who had decided to assist the League in its WarShip rearmament program. The Blakists helped the League locate twenty-two assorted derelict WarShips, of which the Schrack was one.[1]

Retrieved by the Free Worlds League and repaired at one of the shipyards capable of handling WarShips, the renamed FWLS Schrack became a part of the League's secret fleet. The Schrack was deployed to the Marik system where she served alongside her sister ship, the FWLS Raven; the Captain of the Raven, Commodore Thomas Mazure, was given overall command of both ships; at his urging Captain Annabella Shier was selected to captain the Schrack. Shier had served alongside Commodore Mazure in the past, having been assigned as pilot and executive officer to the Avenger-class DropShip Fearless during Commodore Mazure's tenure aboard that ship.[2]

In addition to the Raven and the Schrack the League's covert reclamation program had restored a third Essex-class ship to working order; that ship was gifted to the Word of Blake as thanks for their contributions to the program, and would enter service as the WoBS Deliverance.[1]

By early 3059 the Schrack was one of six vessels within the League's "secret" fleet, serving alongside the Raven, the Vincent-class corvette FWLS Liberty, the Zechetinu-class corvettes FWLS Attica and FWLS Karelia and an Aegis-class heavy cruiser, the FWLS Olympic.[3]

By 3067 the Schrack had been in service for almost a decade and was a part of what was publicly considered to be the largest black water navy in the Inner Sphere.[4]

Following the dissolution of the Free Worlds League during the Jihad, the Schrack became a part of the black water navy of the Duchy of Oriente and served as the ODS Schrack; in 3079 the Schrack was reported to have apparently been destroyed via nuclear weapons by a Blakist task force that attacked the world of Ohrensen on the 6th of February.[5]


Although it isn't certain whether the Schrack was renamed on entering service with the Free Worlds League; it is likely that the ship had a different name while in service with the Star League due to both the tendency for the Free Worlds League to rename the ships they recovered and the fact that the Schrack is a predator species native to Marik.


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