Scimitar Mk.II

Scimitar MKII.jpg
Scimitar Mk II HCV
Production information
Manufacturer Scarborough Manufacturers

Whisper Vehicles

Production Year 3105[1]
Mission Scout
Anti-Infantry vehicle
Type Hover
Technical specifications
Mass 35 Tons
Armor StarGuard II
Engine Omni 175
Speed 162 km/h
Communications System Scarborough Talky 2 w/Guardian ECM Suite
Targeting Tracking System Scarborough Tracky 2
Heat Sinks 10
BV (1.0) 394[2]
BV (2.0) 631[3][4]


The Scimitar Mk II Hover Combat Vehicle (HCV) is the successor to the original Scimitar. The vehicle has superior speed to the original Scimitar. The new version of the venerable combat vehicle began to appear at the dawn of the thirty-second century. Originally, this upgraded version of the Scimitar served as part of the Republic of the Sphere's Republic Armed Forces, being produced by Scarborough Manufacturers' Al Na'ir. Many of these vehicles were salvaged over the decades after the Jihad, and found their way into warring political militia factions in the Republic of the Sphere by 3132.

However, with the fall of Al Na’ir to the Draconis Combine in 3135, it had since been integrated in DCMS and serving along with other sister vehicles of Scarborough Manufacturers famous trio of hover tanks.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Unlike its Autocannon-armed predecessor, the MK II is given an array of short-range laser weaponry in its front. These lasers are backed up with a Four-Tube Short-Range Missile Launcher found in the turret. The primary weaponry is found with Four Diverse Optics Type 10 Small Lasers, with a Diverse Optics Extended Range Small Laser to round out its firepower.

For anti-infantry work, the vehicle has been given a pair of mini-machine guns.

The Scimitar MK II's increased speed is thanks to its 175-rated Fusion Engine, which is protected by 6.5 tons of StarGuard II standard armor. To round out the vehicle's protection and aid friendly vehicles, the Scimitar MK II utilizes a Guardian ECM Suite.[6]


  • Scimitar MK II (BC3) 
    An Advanced tech variant of the standard Mark II. This version can act as advanced scout and spotter, featuring a C3 boosted slave and a slight increase of armor. This is added at the cost nearly all of its weapons save its turret-mounted SRM 4 launcher and a newly added Light PPC. BV (2.0) = 665[7][8]
  • Scimitar MK II (3136 Upgrade) 
    Slight upgrade from the original MK II, this variant adds a Light PPC to the vehicle's turret. The Light PPC gives the Upgrade well needed long-range capacities the original sorely lacks. However, the vehicle's ER Small Laser and machine guns are dropped. BV (2.0) = 783[9][10]

Notable Crewmembers[edit]

See Category:Notable Scimitar Mk.II Crewmembers‎


The Scimitar MK II was first created by WizKids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as a part of its original release of the game, the set was later called simply the Dark Age release. The vehicle was amongst the few which were given then Classic BattleTech stats for use in the game, appearing in the Record Sheets: MechWarrior Dark Age I.

It was later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145. Some of the information listed here was strictly from the dossier sheet produced for various characters profiles released with the MechWarrior game.



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