Scorpion LAM

Scorpion LAM
Scorpion LAM
Production information
Manufacturer Brigadier Corporation
Production Year 2690[1]
Model SCP-X1
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 55 tons
Armor Standard Armor
Engine 275
Heat Sinks 12
Speed 97 km/h
Jump Jets 5

1x PPC
1x SRM-6

BV (2.0) N/A


The Scorpion LAM was a failed BattleMech project conducted by the Brigadier Corporation of Oliver in the late twenty-seventh century. The project was part of the company's attempt to get into the Land-Air 'Mech market. Like other LAMs, the design is based upon existing BattleMechs. Brigadier chose its own Scorpion as the most practical production model they could adapt. The design team completely redesigned the Scorpion to meet the needs of a machine that is able to transform from a quadruped 'Mech into an aerospace fighter.

The design team went through a series of trials with little success aside from remedying the original design's notorious ground movement problems. After one of the prototypes crashed, Brigadier abandoned the project. Over the centuries, the design somehow ended up on Hesperus II in a bunker that was soon lost. In 3065, Defiance Industries uncovered the design with some of the surviving prototypes. After attempting to work out the failed LAM project on their own in secret, they abandoned it as well. Defiance ultimately adapted the project's improvements in the 'Mech's ground movement system and appearance for a newly redesigned Scorpion instead.[2][1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Scorpion LAM shares the same weapon mix as the SCP-1N, with a single Particle Projector Cannon as its main weapon and 6-tube Short-Range Missile Launcher as a close-range weapon.

Originally the design was supposed to have been able to reach the maximum aerospace fighter speed of 8 with less than a ton of fuel for flight. In AirMech mode, the Scorpion LAM was projected to be able attain maximum speeds of 230 km/h. The prototypes were given seven tons of armor for defense. The 'Mech's conversion system proved to be non-functional, causing many of the failures that lead to the design's demise.[1]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Scorpion LAM is subject to the following Design Quirks:[1]

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