Scott Bradley

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Scott Bradley
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Kell Hounds
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Profession MechWarrior
Children Scott Bradley Jr


In service of the Kell Hounds[edit]

Scott Bradley was a member of Patrick Kell's Battalion Command Lance in the 1st Battalion of the Kell Hounds. He fought in Mallory's World on 3016 and as a survivor observed the match between Morgan Kell and Yorinaga Kurita. He was one among many that was asked by Morgan Kell to leave the Kell Hounds.

The intermediate years[edit]

After an unknown, but probably short time, he joined McGee's Cutthroats, where he served for more or less 10 years. As a good leader, a few of his MechWarriors ended up asking him to form his own unit, something he did when founding Bradley's Bravos. With that unit he signed a contract with the Federated Suns to act as a garrison force on Northwind. During Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner's wedding he met again with Morgan Kell and agreed on Bradley's Bravos joining up with the Kell Hounds as the third Battalion of the reborn Regiment.[1] Before his unit could join the Kell Hounds, and because of the Kurita attack on Northwind, during what is known as the Battle for Northwind, part of the Fourth Succession War, Bradley's Bravos were decimated and reduced to a company's worth. Ironically, the most powerful kuritan unit in the planet, the Genyosha was in Northwind for them: as their leader, Yorinaga Kurita was fighting a personal war against Morgan Kell and the Hounds, he had moved their unit to Northwind because they were informed the unit was there... but there were only the Bravos. That could have been the unit's end, as Scott Bradley had already made a deal and armed his unit with Inferno missiles in order to delay as much as possible Kuritan units so Team Banzai and the rest of the Fifth Deneb Light Cavalry. The arrival of the Northwind Highlanders turned the tide and the unit survived.[2]

Back to the Kell Hounds[edit]

It was not long after Scott Bradley and his soldiers had joined the rest of the Kell Hounds as part of the Third Battalion. He took part in the battle on Nusakan where the Kell Hounds smashed the 5th Sword of Light. That night, Scott Bradley went one-on-one with Tai-sho Palmer Conti on top of a plateau. When Conti's Banshee was taken down by Scott in his Cyclops, the 5th's survivors demanded the Genyosha to help them destroy the Kell Hounds, but Yorinaga intervened telling them to stand down or face the Genyosha in battle.[3]

In 3040 Katrina Steiner died and bequeathed Morgan Kell enough money to raise a second regiment of Kell Hounds, with one commanded by Dan Allard and the other by Scott Bradley as lieutenant colonels.

The Clan Invasion[edit]

Scott Bradley was still leading the Kell Hounds' second regiment when the Clans invaded and engaged them on Twycross during the second Battle of Twycross. He was also the commanding officer during the Battle of Luthien.

At some point after that, he retired and command was passed to his son Scott Bradley Jr.

Death and Legacy[edit]

No information is currently known regarding his death.

Marriage and Children[edit]

It is unknown who did he married, but it is confirmed that he had at least one child: Scott Bradley Jr, who, like him, worked for the Kell Hounds.

Character Notes[edit]


Scott Bradley was a Veteran MechWarrior prior to the Defection, and once back he was rated as Elite.


Scott Bradley piloted a Marauder during his initial days during the Kell Hounds. When he founded Bradley's Bravos he was piloting a Cyclops.


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