Scout Weigner

Scout Weigner
Born 3119
Affiliation Team Genie
Republic of the Sphere
Profession Arena Gladiator

Scout Weigner was a MechWarrior fighting on team fights on Solaris during the Dark Age.[1]

History & Tactics[edit]

Scout Weigner was born on Zavijava. On 3146 Scout Weigner was fighting in the dueling circuit of Solaris for Team Genie. Scout Weigner seems quite a bit rough around the edges with solid marksmanship, but a clumsy manner when it comes to maneuvering. Many of this warrior's arena victories have been won by his constant leap-and-shoot combat technique. It is as if the mere act of leaving the ground - for however short a period - improves Weigner's aim.

His Dueling Record (W/L/D) is 11/9/6.[1]


Scout Weigner is known for his use of a BattleMech specially modified more for defense than firepower, and his reliance on jumping over obstacles of any kind.[1]


Scout Weigner was a Regular gunnery MechWarrior and a Green piloting MechWarrior.[2]


During his career Scout Weigner piloted a VT-5ML Vulcan "Aladdin".[1]


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