Scree Rat

Scree Rat
Creature information
Type Lizard[1]
Homeworld Benet III[1]
Environment Badlands[1]
Average mass 30 kg[1]
STR 2[1]
BOD 4[1]
DEX 3[1]
RFL 10[1]
WIL 4[1]
EDG 4[1]
Traits Aggressive, Armor (+2), Camouflage (+1), Pack Hunter (6-10), Poison Resistance (+2)[1]
Skills AniMelee (+2), Climbing (+4), Running (+4)[1]
Size Small[1]
Armor Scaly Hide 2/2/1/1[1]
Attack 1M/2[1]

The Benetian Scree Rat was a lizard-like pack hunter native to Benet III.[1]


The scree rat was larger than the average Terran rat, and was native to the central badlands of Sierra, the single continent on Benet III. With the region the scree rat inhabited being subject to toxic gas clouds released by the constant volcanic activity, the scree rat evolved some resistance to toxic gases, something that made its blood a valuable commodity to some in the human population, who regarded it as a folk remedy for treating those people who had been exposed to the gases.[1]

The scree rat was an ambush predator that lurked among the terrain using its scaly, rock-like skin as camouflage. Scree rats hunted in packs of six to ten members, and could scramble across the broken surface at a considerable speed, and those who strayed into their territory could find themselves the sudden unfortunate target of multiple rats emerging from hiding post in the ground or nearby terrain.[1]

Benet III became uninhabitable to humans in the 3090s as a result of a dramatic increase in the frequency and size of the toxic outgassing over the previous two to three decades, and it was considered likely that the scree rats had also been rendered extinct by these "Death Mists", despite their resistance to the gases.[1]


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