Sea Fox

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This article is about the Clan totem animal. For battle armor, see Sea Fox (Battle Armor) .
Sea Fox CBTComp.png
Sea Fox
(Vulpes Maritimus Strana Mechtis)
Creature information
Type Native (endangered)
Homeworld Strana Mechty
Environment Freshwater oceans
Average mass 40 kg
Average length 120 cm
Average height 45 cm
STR ???
BOD ???
DEX ???
RFL ???
WIL ???
EDG ???
Traits ???
Skills ???
Size ???
Armor ???
Attack ???


The Sea Fox[1] is a seal-like reptilian predator native to the freshwater oceans of Strana Mechty. Noted for its habit to seemingly respectfully bow before its opponent before attacking, it was the initial namesake of Clan Sea Fox (who later became Clan Diamond Shark).

The Sea Fox population was decimated in 2984-2985 close to extinction when Clan Snow Raven released the Diamond Shark, a genetically engineered predator, into the Sea Fox's habitat to exact revenge against Clan Sea Fox following a dispute. Within months, the Sea Fox became an endangered species and Clan Sea Fox, in an unprecedented move, chose to change its name and became Clan Diamond Shark on the last day of September 2895. They preserved some specimens of the Sea Fox, however, and when these flourished on other worlds the Clan changed back its name by 3100.


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