Sebastian Spears

Sebastian Spears
Sebastian Spears
Character Profile
Affiliation Interstellar Expeditions
Profession Fixer

Sebastian Spears was a high level agent of Interstellar Expeditions.[1][2]


Born on the Draconis Combine world of Telos IV to immigrant parents from Rasalhague, from childhood Sebastian Spears was fascinated by the Golden Age of the Star League. With his homeworld the site of one of the Star League Defense Forces Castle Brian complexes, even destroyed during the war to oust Stefan Amaris and stripped following the Star League's fall, the crumbling ruins still provided the young boy endless opportunities for adventures and exploration every afternoon and turning his interest into what would become a lifelong commitment. Barely in his teens, Sebastian would run away from home and enter the service of a LosTech prospector primarily operating in the Combine's Algedi Prefecture, begging the man to take him on as his apprentice as the teenage boy swabbed every deck of the prospector's DropShip and brought him his sake every night.[1]

As he grew to manhood, under his master Sebastian would learn half a dozen languages, archaeology skills, how to negotiate with both formal and black market contacts and how to employ more violent means when necessary. But as his apprenticeship continued the idealistic Spears became increasingly bitter, his mentor was much more a treasure hunter than an archaeologist, their recovered discoveries not ending up in museums and universities to try and stop the technological decline of the Succession War era but instead going to private collectors for vast sums of money, demands for bribes from the Ministry of Well-Being of the Land and People to ignore the trade the extent of the Combine's interest.[1]

It was in his early twenties that Spears came to the attention of Interstellar Expeditions and swiftly recruited him into their secretive organization, the young man eagerly finding their goals more aligned with his own. Over the decades Sebastian Spears would steadily rise up within the hierarchy of IE, making endless contacts and connections as well as earning considerable wealth despite his commoner beginnings, eventually reaching the upper echelon of the organization. Preferring a more hand on approach compared to some of his counterparts, Spears would oversee a large number of projects and investigations across the Inner Sphere.[1]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Sebastian Spears was portrayed by voice actor Elias Toufexis. A known BattleTech fan, Toufexis attending Mech_Con 2018, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is the second BattleTech video game he has voiced a character for, previously voicing Samuel Ostergaard from Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech game.


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