SelaSys Incorporated

SelaSys Incorporated
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Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Loyalty
Primary Products JumpShips

SelaSys Incorporated is the oldest producer of JumpShips in the Free Worlds League.[1]


SelaSys Inc. has been producing JumpShips for the Free Worlds League since the Age of War.[1] SelaSys Incorporated's shipyards at Loyalty were responsible for the final assembly of the League-class destroyer,[2] although the Loyalty shipyards were damaged during the First Succession War[3] when production of the venerable class likely ended.

Their vast experience with JumpShips led the Armorer to appoint them the lead contractor for refitting several mothballed WarShips, including the FWLS Nueva Badajoz. Though its own WarShip design (the Venturer light cruiser) had yet to leave the drawing boards by the end of the FedCom Civil War, SelaSys has been a key component supplier for Technicron Manufacturing and Illium Shipyards. Design engineers from SelaSys also played a key role in the Impavido-class destroyer program.[1]

SelaSys is also the owner of Ronin Incorporated, which allows SelaSys to produce BattleMechs. Ronin was acquired in 3016 after the League government seized it for supporting rebel forces during Anton Marik's Revolt.[1] SelaSys also owns Harmony MetalWorks, providing another BattleMech production company.[4]

SelaSys Inc. had a Venturer-class ship moored at their shipyards above Loyalty in 3076; a raiding party consisting of commandos from the Principality of Regulus raided the shipyards on the 6th of September that year, damaging the shipyards and destroying the WarShip.[5][6]


The CEO in 3067 is Sydney Deakin-Jones.[1]


SelaSys Incorporated has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The Loyalty plant was hard hit in the Jihad, losing two-thirds of its staff. By 3079 however, it was back to 80% of maximum production.[7]

Components produced on Loyalty:[8]
Component Type
League[2] WarShip (final assembly)[2]
Star Lord[8][9] Jumpship
Tramp[1][9] Jumpship
Kearny-Fuchida Drive - Jumpships
K-F Mark VIII a-1 Star Lord[8]
? (for Tramp) [citation needed]


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