Selanta Amaris

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Selanta Amaris
Character Profile
Died 2687[1]
Affiliation House Amaris
Position President[1]
Profession Noble
Children Bertram Amaris

Selanta Amaris was the fourth President of the Rim Worlds Republic.


Appointed President as a baby, during Selanta's minority power was exercised by a triumvirate of Protectors: Jimmy Siever, Honor Chan and Jonofra Marcus. (Marcus was appointed to replace one of the original three Protectors George Wong, who died in a mysterious air crash only a few months after being appointed.

When Selanta was nineteen her secret service discovered that each Protector was privately plotting to retain power upon her majority. As none intended violence upon Selanta, she simply honored each with a distant ambassadorial post as soon as she reached her majority.

In the late 2640s, Selanta was struck by a rare form of cancer and she spent the rest of her reign ruling from her sickbed, relying upon her cousin Tadeo Amaris to act as her regent. This allowed her deniability in the early 2650s when the Star League complained about Tadeo building up military forces along the Lyran border. Even after she had ordered Tadeo to scale back his forces, Selanta was left with a stronger military than had previously been the case.


Selanta finally succumbed to cancer in 2687 after battling it for almost four decades, triggering a power struggle within House Amaris.[1]


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