Seleucus Infantry Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Kallon Weapon Industries
Use Battle Armor Troop Carrier
Light Vehicle Transport
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 2,600 tons
Structural Integrity 12
Length 69 meters
Width 45 meters
Height 42 meters
Drive System Fusion Engine
Safe Thrust 4
Max Thrust 6
Fuel (tons) 150
Fuel (days) 1.84
Armament Weapons Listing
Armor Standard Armor
Crew 5 Officers
10 Enlisted/Non-Rates
6 Gunners
180 Bay Personnel
Heat Sinks 102 Double Heat Sinks
BV (2.0) 7,306[1][2][3]


Designed during the early years of the thirty-second century, the Seleucus Infantry Transport was produced originally for the former Free Worlds League nation-state, the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Engineered by the Commonwealth's branch of Kallon Weapon Industries, the transport was sold to various factions that were friendly to the parent nation.

The Seleucus-Class was designed to be a dedicated Battle Armor transport when all that was available at the time were multi-purpose Combined-Arms DropShips. These ships would prove, over the decades since their commissioning, to be tough reliable transports, keeping their Battle Armor clad troops safe and protected until delivered to their target destination.

These ships continued to serve various ex-League states and mercenary units well into the reunification of the Free Worlds League in 3139.[1]

Armament and Capacities[edit]

The ship was designed with combat readiness in mind, and this shows through the use of 54 tons of standard gauge armor with the majority focused in the craft's bow and wing sections.

The Seleucus's weapons bays mainly consist of long-range and hard hitting weaponry, with most of the firepower found in its nose section. Using two Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons working in concert with four Light Gauss Rifles - with a total of sixty-four rounds of ammunition supplying those Rifles - provides the ship with an incredible amount of long-range firepower. Contributing to the DropShip's forward section's firepower is its wing section weaponry; each wing contains a pair of Extended 20-tubed Long-Range Missile launchers, a single ER PPC, a laser bay filled with a pair of ER Large Lasers and four Medium Lasers, and three Anti-Missile Systems.

Additionally, each wing houses three more aft-facing Anti-Missile Systems, while the aft section itself is defended by a pair of both ER Large and Medium Lasers, as well as a pair of Artemis IV-enhanced 20-tubed Long-Ranged Missile launchers. The launchers are supplied by thirty rounds of ammunition.[1]


The heart and prime purpose of the Seleucus is its Battle Armor and Infantry bays. Less important, but also of note, are its vehicle and cargo bays.[1]

  • Bay 1 - Battle Armor Cubicles (20 Squads/80 Troopers) - 5 Doors
  • Bay 2 - Light Vehicle Cubicles (12 units) - 1 Door
  • Bay 3 - Cargo (217 tons) - 1 Door


The ship carries four Escape Pods and four Lifeboats.

The Seleucus is subject to the following Design Quirks:[1]

Named Vessels[edit]

(See List of named Seleucus-class DropShips)


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