Semier Data Tron

Semier Data Tron
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Tharkad
Primary Products DropShips

Semier Data Tron was a Lyran Commonwealth DropShip manufacturer based in Mako City, on Tharkad.

Corporation History[edit]

Succession Wars[edit]

Located in Mako City, Semier Data Tron was the younger of the two DropShip manufacturers on Tharkad, but also once the most favored of the two. This led to accusations of nepotism on Semier Data Tron's part from their rivals at the Tharkad Aerospace Group, and by the late 3060s, there were rumors of hidden corporate wars between the two companies, with the buildup of security forces by each company cited as proof. By 3067, a special committee of the Estates General had been convened to investigate the allegations and rumors before anything could ferment into an open exchange of blows; despite this, the allegations received sufficient negative attention to reduce the share prices of both companies as investors began withdrawing stocks.[1]

Despite the "friendly rivalry" between the two companies, Semier made use of the TAG repair and refit yards in orbit above Tharkad, and repaid TAG for their generosity by giving the rival company a joint license to produce Fortress-class DropShips.[2]


After the Word of Blake sacked and captured the Lyran capital in 3067, SDT's corporate leaders publicly pledged loyalty to the Blakist occupiers, but in secret, hid many of LAAF resistance fighters in their complex. This secret was eventually uncovered in 3070, with the Blakist forces sending in the 37th Division and 40th Shadow Division to squash the resistance. After encircling Semier Data's shipyards and pinning down the Lyran resistance forces, the orbiting Invincible bombarded the complex, destroying much of the remaining Lyran resistance on world. It is unclear if any of Semier Data Tron survived the WarShip's bombardment.[3]


In 3067, the company's CEO is Duchess Antoinette Greer.[4]


Semier Data Tron has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Tharkad:[5]
Component Type
Buccaneer[1] DropShip
Excalibur[5][6][1] DropShip
Fortress[5][1] DropShip
Seeker[5][6][1] DropShip
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
GE 2080-II Excalibur[5]
Magna Corp. VX250B [citation needed]
Piper C1-5 [citation needed]
Quad RanTech 720 Seeker[5]


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