Production information
Manufacturer Robinson Standard BattleWorks[1]
Production Year 3056[2]
Model SNT-04
Class Medium
Cost 3,232,927 C-bills
Technical specifications
'Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 40 tons
Chassis Dorwinion Hyperactive 3 endo steel
Armor Starshield A with CASE
Engine Nissan 200
Communications System Achernar Electronics HICS-15
Targeting Tracking System Federated Hunter Type 3
Heat Sinks 10 double
Speed 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets HildCo Model 12
BV (1.0) 961[3][4]
BV (2.0) 1,069[1][5]


The Sentry was developed under pressure from the Draconis and Capellan marches for a more advanced 'Mech to defend the borders of the Federated Suns. [1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Sentry is built on a lightweight Dorwinion Hyperactive 3 endo steel chassis, which allows the 'Mech to carry heavier weapons and equipment. A Nissan 200 fusion engine that gives it a top speed of 86.4 km/h, augmented by five HildCo Model 12 jump jets that make it possible for the Sentry to jump up to 150 meters. To compensate for its average mobility, the Sentry has an impressive eight and a half tons of Starshield A standard armor that has been fitted with CASE to protect the 'Mech from an ammunition explosion.[1]

The Sentry has a diverse mix of weapons that allow it to carry out a wide variety of missions. For anti-'Mech and vehicle combat the Sentry carries a Parti-Kill Heavy Cannon PPC and a pair of Magna 200P small pulse lasers which can double as anti-infantry weapons. For anti-infantry and crowd control missions, the Sentry has a quartet of Sperry Browning machine guns and a Zippo flamer.[1]


Design Quirks[edit]

The Sentry is subject to the following Design Quirks:[7]

Related BattleMechs[edit]

  • Watchman - Itself a variation on the classic Enforcer BattleMech, the Sentry was built around the same engine, armor, and jump jets as the Watchman. To reduce cost, the Sentry is also armed with weapons systems easily found within the Federated Suns.[1]


  • In German products, the unit's proper name was translated to Posten. The model code was accordingly changed to PST-04.



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