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Sergei Gavilov

Sergei Gavilov
Character Profile
Affiliation ComStar
Rank Precentor[1]
Position Director of the Explorer Service[1]
Profession Naval officer

Sergei Gavilov was the first Director of the ComStar Explorer Service.[1]


As of 2959, Sergei Gavilov was initially a Precentor Theta XI, commanding a JumpShip in ComStar's massive naval contingent. Gavilov was selected by Primus Adrienne Sims and the First Circuit as the first Director of the ComStar Explorer Service. Over the next year Gavilov spent every working hour assembling the new branch from personnel and equipment from the Blessed Order's existing branches, most notably ROM and then new ComStar Guards and Militia. the initial exploratory teams being organized and trained by late 2960. Under Gavilov's leadership the Explorer Service established an aggressive exploration program, the first mission launched on 24 February 2961 when the Providence jumped from Land's End. Gavilov remained DES until 2977 when ill-health prompted him to stand down in favor of Athena Heath.[1]


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