Seth Marsden

Seth Marsden
AffiliationHouse Marsden
ChildrenRebecca Marsden[1]
Kevin Marsden[1]
Simon Marsden[1]
Timothy Marsden[1]

Seth Marsden was a politician, businessman, and founder of the interstellar nation, the Protectorate of Donegal.


Seth Marsden was a businessman who worked for Skye Traders, an interstellar transport company run by Ian McQuiston. He became a trusted aide to McQuiston, Ian during those years gather influence and power to form the Federation of Skye. Ten years after its formation, Seth resigned from Skye Traders due to a dispute with Ian.[2]

Seth made his way to the world of Donegal in 2301, which he had heard of its pleasant environment. He founds his own company Donegal Freight and Goods, he too was able to replicate the success his former Mentor had enjoyed. Use his money to purchase small local interstellar transport companies would operated local trade routes near the world. He managed to gather wealth and power to form a mercantile power in 2313, he names the Protectorate of Donegal.[3]


The city of Marsden on Tharkad was named in his honor.


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